Survivor: I'm a Mental Giant
February 18, 2016 8:19 AM - Season 32, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The castaways must figure out which attribute -- brains, brawn or beauty -- will be the thing that helps them win the most grueling competition yet
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I completely missed this last night. Didn't watch, didn't set the DVR, nothing. I had no idea the season had started.

I think it's the first season of Survivor (save for a few I missed during my TVless years in college) where that's been the case.

Obviously I'll be watching it on as soon as I get home tonight.

Forgive me, Jeff Probst.
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I get the impression that this season was fully cast before they decided to go back to the "Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn" gimmick, because some of the players appear to be very arbitrarily placed in their category. I mean, Alecia, who looks like she barely weighs in the 3-figures on the "Brawn" tribe? Tai, who I doubt anyone has ever looked at and said, "Now there is a guy who obviously gets by mostly on his looks" on the "Beauty" tribe? It's like they were just throwing darts or something to place some of these players.
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The groupings are odd, yes.

Not dumping Alecia was probably a mistake. That's ok, they're not the smart tribe.
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Okay, yay, I love survivor, so glad it's back again! Here we goooooooooo!

I felt like Tai was put with beauty because he's delightful? But yeah, odd. He even commented on it. I don't think they could have let wtf go unsaid in the opening episode of the season. I like him so much.

The bug in the ear thing, I have several thoughts! I can't believe that didn't warrant medical attention. That seemed egregious. Also! They cut together footage, one scene she was laying still (sleeping?) and they were filming that bug crawling out and around on her ear. That was a totally different time from when the others were crowded around her going apeshit about that bug. So that means that the camera crew filmed and observed that but just let it happen, just let it crawl back in if it chose to?! MONSTERS. I felt that she was redeemed when they all witnessed the bug, otherwise she may have seemed weak and crazy.

Debbie should have shut her mouth and made a fire if she could. Of course that's not who she is but I really wanted to coach her. Don't alienate everyone!

Seems like Peter has been called Obama a million times. He was gracious but over it, and I don't blame him.

They definitely should have voted Alecia out. Come on.
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When I was about five or six, I had a spider in my ear for nearly an hour. I remember it VIVIDLY. It was AWFUL. There have been a lot of horrible things on this show over the years but this is the one that did it for me, for the bug itself and all the terrible implications palegirl mentions. I can't.
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Also holy christ I lost it when the next scene we get after Tai goes all sad feelings man about plants is him rip snorting through the jungle uprooting saplings on his hunt for an idol.

Sure, he went back and replanted them afterwards, but still. COMEDY GOLD.
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With the ear bug, she didn't ask for medical. And the problem is that the castaways fear being pulled if it's something that is life threatening or potentially debilitating, so they don't ask unless they must. If the crew felt it was life threatening, they would have been called in anyway, but fortunately it came out on its own.

This whole season was actually filmed a year ago, before the last aired season was filmed. Can you imagine waiting a year to find out if you won a million bucks?
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Not dumping Alecia was probably a mistake.

Depends on your perspective. If you're interested in winning the game, sure. But if you want quality entertainment there's nothing like having the most annoying person in the world always within earshot. I hope she stays forever, she's even worse than last season's narcissist/sociopath girl.
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