Survivor: Kindergarten Camp
February 25, 2016 9:02 AM - Season 32, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The second episode of the season brings us new idol developments, the revelation that genius polymath Debbie can apparently detect microorganisms by sight alone, and a very, very dumb tribal council.
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All I could think of with [spoiler] Jenny's rapid unraveling at tribal was this completely unrelated comment from metatalk several years ago: are you the dumbest shittiest dumbshit that ever shitted some dumb?
posted by phunniemee at 9:19 AM on February 25, 2016

I don't think I've never seen anyone just blindly bust out the truth like that and not realize how poorly it makes them look.

I feel sorry for Alecia, because being on the bottom like that is hard. Plus it kind of seems like the tattoo guy is a bully.
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I really hate the format this season. It seems the first 30 minutes are spent showing people being awful, or stupid. Occasionally someone says something redeeming and game worthy. Those two guys on brawn look worse each time the camera cuts to them and Alecia looks smarter every second. I hope she outlasts both of those worthless dipshits.
I am so irritated by season so far and I don't remember it being quite so bad.
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Oh hey, Alecia has lots of social game! She took advantage of Jenny's complete fuck up like a pro. Still, that team was crazy stupid for getting rid of Jenny. But they are the Brawn tribe, so what can you expect?

The immunity idol rules seems like cruel torture.
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I think it's pretty clear the new immunity idol rules are there to require two+ castaways to work together to find it.
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At least that was my immediate thought.
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Obligate co-conspirators adds a nice twist to the game.
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Even though this season was filmed earlier, I was hoping they would also have to find the idol at a challenge like last season. But I guess we're seeing that idea one stage earlier in its evolution. Instead of making the location interesting (at a challenge, or under the camp) they just made it dangerously hard to get to.
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My most pleasant surprise has been the big brother guy: celebrity contestants are usually the worst. He seems nice and not a total idiot.

There certainly is no shortage of idiots this season. When will producers goddamn realise that idiots make shitty Survivor? It pains me to no end. Last season was so bloody stellar because everyone wanted to be there 100%, and everyone, everyone out there loved Survivor (except maybe Kelly W, never seemed that enthused).

I had really hoped they learnt their lesson after Brandon Hantz's return and that debacle of a season. Apparently not.

That all said, I am loving these multi-stage challenges. They seem more brutal and competitive than ever before. And there are some characters I'm warming to. Will be interested to see how the season shakes out. They really should try to restrict Survivor to people who actually know the show, and people who aren't idiots.
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That Tribal Council was the shitshow to end all shitshows (and thus, exactly the type of thing I watch Survivor for).

I loved all of the "Odd Couple" stuff with Tai and Caleb.
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