The Amazing Race: You Look Like Gollum
February 20, 2016 11:44 AM - Season 28, Episode 2 - Subscribe

11 Social Media “influencers” race from Mexico City to Cartagena on a race around the world.

This episode kicked off with the relavation that at least one of these dunderheads brought a hairdryer and a curling iron. The episode also featured: marriage doubts, unexpected diffidence, lots of screaming, a giant fish net, trunk speakers, multiple flights to a destination, domino players, mud, fish traumas, emeralds, volcanos, taxi angst, beach pop-ups, fish barbacoa, ignoring details, a single good-looking chicken, failures to read the clue, and a continuing overblown certainty about their own relevance.

This is the first time the show has been to Colombia.
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God, I feel like I'm watching Green Team again, except by about 6x. Everyone is so LOUD.
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I'm still trying to look at the bright side of a season gimmick that really isn't for me. The teams do seem a lot more evenly matched that most seasons. Many years there are the three or four teams that you know will make the finals (barring some bad cab luck) and a whole bunch of teams that might be nice people but just aren't cut out for racing. This year has a few frontrunners but most of the teams seem like they have a shot at winning. Even Darius & Cameron could win if they learn to organize themselves at the airport.

It's similar to the blind dating season. That's another premise I didn't like, but the blind dating couples did really well. It turns out being athletic usually means more on the race than personal history (or personal baggage, depending on the pair).

All that said, if next season could go back to normal I'd be happier.
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I realize it's only two episodes in, but I don't see people scheming against other teams the way they did last season, which is good. I like TAR when it is not trying to be like Survivor. And stunty seasons often feature the worst of that tendency.

I think Tyler and Korey are likely to make it to the Final Four. They seem to work well together. I would like to see Darius and Cameron go all the way as well I think the Frisbee guys are too impressed with themselves and it wouldn't make me sad to see them go. The other teams are all still a bit generic to me at this point.
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