The Amazing Race: Bros Being Jocks
February 27, 2016 3:34 AM - Season 28, Episode 3 - Subscribe

10 Social Media “personalities" race within Columbia on a race around the world.

This episode featured: Phil hopping a bus, claustrophic catacombs, a mountainside fortress, being a (bus) conductor, Tejo (the national sport, with a satisfying little ka-boom built in!), a trumpeter, gorgeous mochillas, a failure to accurately count money, local dancers, the old city wall, awesome looking neighborhoods, the usefulness of language skills, the revelation of this year’s beauty queens, over-reading a clue, and this year's promise of kisses for cash.

One team was eliminated.
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Bros Being Jocks

Is there a difference?
posted by Mezentian at 5:08 AM on February 27, 2016

Not a bad episode, but it was almost painful how the brothers got themselves into a hole once again. They simply weren't Amazing Race material. Best quote of the show, "And you're the CFO of a company?" After the miscounting of the Colombian currency.

I want to play that gun powder game. It's ironic that the faddish explosion of participation in a game of tossing bean bags in America resulted in some teams bringing the perfect skill sets to take on the game. In other seasons, the learning curve was much bigger usually.
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The brothers were really likable, but just were not well-suited for the game (and based on the lack of screaming, I wonder how they succeeded on you tube or whereever). They were destined to go out early, and over-reading the clue and fatigue killed them.

I thought Tejo was a vastly better choice than bus conductoring it up, even if you had no cornhole experience. Usually there isn't such a clear difference in the "right choice", but with this set ...

I found this episode wasn't structured as interestingly as last week's episode, and these contestants don't bring much to the table. I fear for this season.
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Sad to see the brothers go, because they were appealing, but, yeah, they weren't clicking with the race itself.

The dad-daughter team ought to be next. He can't seem to follow instructions all that well, and she's kind of useless.

Most Annoying currently going to the dancers.

I'm gratified that it seems like more teams than usual can manage with some level of credible Spanish beyond "Rapdio! Rapido!" It won't help much once they get out of the Americas, but it made for far less grimace-inducing interactions with cab drivers and random strangers these first few episodes. The level of general ignorance among TAR teams is usually appalling.
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