The Wire: Hot Shots
August 16, 2014 5:36 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

D'Angelo's discovered heroin in the clink, and Avon sets a plan into motion that he hopes will discourage his cousin's habit as well as push back some against Proposition Joe's expanding territory. Zero progress is the report Prez gives his father-in-law Valchek when asked about how the new detail's case against Sobotka is coming along, and to boot the Southeastern's surveillance van goes on an unauthorized global tour courtesy of IBS chapters around the world.

Sobotka gets to the politics part of his union responsibilities, throwing a party at the local parish to glad-hand luminaries like State Senator Clay Davis. His nephew Nick deals with competing responsibilities too as he reconciles the unreliable nature of his employment with providing for his girlfriend and daughter.

McNulty pushes hard to give at least one of the dead women a name, trying to prevent the corpse's inevitable assignment as a nameless medical school cadaver. His attempt at salvaging his marriage is half as hearted but just as successful. Freamon, Bunk, and Russell continue to follow the prostitution ring, trying to figure out where (and to whom) the women who died in the container were headed.

"What they need is a union." - Russell
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Avon in prison is a bit of a side show, but he is willing to do extremely unpleasant things to people, without much care for the costs. Its worth remembering this when we meet Marlo and start looking at Avon with nostalgic fondness...

Should Freeman and Bunk have let the boat go? Its actually quite unlikely that they would have found anything more out, with the killer already gone (and, ya know, horribly murdered).

I feel sorry for everyone on the docks, even as they make bad decisions. Nick is trying to be a man, following his uncle into a bad career path, and Ziggy's just trying anything and generally screwing it up.
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This is a really funny episode.
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Loved that even Russell joined in with Freamon and Bunk in giving McNulty a hard time by explaining everything he came to tell them.
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