Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh and I Work On A Case!
February 23, 2016 1:06 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Rebecca implements another plan to spend time with Josh by luring him in as a client of her legal firm, however Greg and Valencia are catching on to her motives. Daryl comes out as a bisexual.

After realizing that Rebecca may have ruined things between Josh and her, Paula helps concoct another zany scheme to get them together and re-establish trust. This requires Rebecca contorting herself into more lies including a fake boyfriend and a ridiculous coupon for Jalapeno Jack's. Josh invites more guys because he's uncomfortable being around Rebecca.

So Rebecca's scheme only sort of works so it's time to double down. Paula and Rebecca work to bring Josh in as a client at the law firm. This leads to lots of talk about water, specifically cold water, which leads to crack, and then to a water conspiracy from water truthers.

However, everyone is getting slowly more suspicious of Rebecca, which makes sense, because she has done many weird things. Valencia and Greg work together to convince Josh that Rebecca wants to get with him, and as I suspected last episode Josh has been slowly putting things together. I'm glad this isn't one of those shows where characters are forever oblivious.

Daryl confronts his feelings about the cheek kiss with White Josh by first avoiding his feelings, but then realizing he is a bothsexual. This show really opened up with their alternative sexualities these last episodes.

Valencia and Greg actually go out to find fake boyfriend Trent leading to a very unique cliffhanger. This show is so dedicated to cringe they want to hold that moment for like one week.


* Daryl is actually getting a pretty adorable/interesting plotline. Also I like how White Josh's sexuality is just totally normal for everybody and didn't even need to be mentioned until like 10 episodes into this show when it was relevant. Also I like how easy it was for Daryl to get over his masculine impulses to deny being gay. Also I like how White Josh is awesome. I like everything about this plotline.

* I just want there to be an anti-Paula on this show that sits down with Rebecca every episode and is like "stop digging yourself into holes," "there are other fish in the sea," and "go see that nice therapist from that one episode because she seemed pretty cool and helpful."

* I guess "gaslighting" is a term you can casually use on network TV now. Progress.

* Rebecca: "His theories hold water."
Bert: "Dam strait they do."
This is another entry into the list of puns I missed until other people pointed them out to me.

* The coupon actually said it "expires Thursday."

* AV Club gave a lot of love to the show here recently.
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The second song with all the neighbors talking about water and Rebecca as the fast-talking huckster salesman -- what musical were they spoofing?
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 7:27 AM on February 23, 2016

That was straight-up The Music Man "Ya Got Trouble".
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I thought it was Music Man! That's like the one musical I've never seen.
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 1:37 PM on February 23, 2016

I rarely watch musicals so that went right over my head.
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At least now we know why Josh can't quite manage to cut Rebecca loose: All of his friends are TERRIBLE and condescending and mean to him, so how would he even know she's crazy and out-of-bounds?
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Yeah, looking at the people around him (and considering the fact that even as a teenager he was close with, for instance, Rebecca) it's no wonder he can see something like the Decorative Rock Fiasco and just think she's acting kinda weird.
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I like it that Daryl is bi instead of gay. I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen a TV show with a bisexual male character before ... can't think of one.
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