Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!
February 29, 2016 10:16 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

The water court case reaches a climax as Rebecca squares off against a childhood nemesis. Everyone starts putting their feelings more out in the open.

Rebecca pushes forward with a big class action lawsuit against Greater City Water and is pitted against and old enemy.

So the previous episode cliffhanger ends up that Trent just happened to be wildly obsessed with Rebecca and willing to roll with her fake boyfriend game. Trent is pretty creepy, with literal blackmail, breaking and entering and hacking. But at least the hacking was in the pursuit of good.

While watching the trial Heather realizes Greg's feelings for Rebecca and makes things pretty easy on him.

Rebecca loses the case because one of her witness is discredited, but gives an impassioned speech in support of the downtrodden and realizing her place in life now. And she gets a kiss from Josh. Which Greg sees.


* The one episode that actually gives Valencia a reasonable moment (just a small one) is the one where Josh betrays her trust. Obviously, not a coincidence, as the writers want to point out the problem of Josh's actions there.

* Was that Heather's first song?

* Audra obviously stands in as a "path-not-taken" character for Rebecca and there's lots of nods to that in the episode. Things have not gone great for Rebecca since she got West Covina, but I think she realizes here that she's at least moved forward from where she was in the pilot.

* Well, the Heather and Greg pairing came and went just like that.
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This was a tremendous episode. The rap battle was amazing, as were the reprises. The Trent situation was unexpected and worked really well. Loved this episode because of so many different moments.
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Trent looks like he's about to fall apart at any moment. Not emotionally, but physically. Paul Welsh was constantly doing these amazing things where I honestly would not have been surprised if his skin split open and Vincent D'Onofrio emerged.
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I loved the rap battle, which has a more explicit version on Rachel Bloom's Youtube channel. This was an excellent episode all around, but for the moment when Josh and Rebecca kissed. #teamgreg
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I can get behind that. #teamgettingsomeserioustherapyandthenmaybegraduallyworkinguptoarelationshipwithgreg
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She is, after all, so broken inside.
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Yeah, I hope the long-term plan is for Rachel to realize that Josh/any other guy doesn't have to be the one solitary thing that makes her happy. Aline Brosh McKenna is a pretty smart feminist writer and Bloom has talked about how one of the major themes of the show is how society wants/thinks women interact with love, and how some of those ideas can be destructive, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's where it's headed eventually.
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"Hey back off dude! He looks like Tom Selleck!" still makes me laugh. I never would have guessed from early episodes that White Josh would turn out to be such a great character.
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"I didn't come out until I was twelve. Those were some tough years."
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White Josh and Heather are absolutely the most together characters on the show, and I adore them both. I wish I could find a video of Heather's "wise reprise."
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I just started watching this on Netflix a couple days ago, and am on this episode. The show has been great, but this episode on particular knocked my socks off. The rap battle, Heather's song, Daryl and White Josh. Just wow.

I was team Greg, but they've done a great job of making Josh an actual pretty good guy. Not at all this type of character should be.

Which is the other thing I love. They've taken the show and keep turning tropes and stereotypes on their head.
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This episode made me hate most of these people, except Daryl and White Josh, of course. Ready for everyone to snap out of their drama and find a new storyline!!! Josh and Rebecca kissing made me bleeeeeeech.
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Although, I enjoyed Trent as a mirror to Rebecca's obsession with Josh.
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I love her weighing the balance of "may kill me and eat me as I sleep" with "the pasta is homemade?!"
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So many great things in this episode. The Les Misérables pastiche! Josh managing not to get chocolate on his suit until after the trial! And as a former resident of the San Gabriel Valley, I love all the local humor they consistently slip in. (Raging Waters... Josh always rattling off locations that are all within the Inland Empire region...)
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