Late Show with Stephen Colbert: 2016-02-29
March 2, 2016 10:40 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Spike Jonze, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jack Garratt

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I mostly wanted to highlight that wonderful opening created by Spike Jonze, with an amazing arrangement of the show's theme song by Jon Batiste's band.

I had no idea Spike Jonze is responsible for Viceland, where the Gaycation show (FPP) is on.

Also, holy crap Jack Garratt. I've never heard of him before that performance was amazeballs.
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Whoops, forgot to include the link to Jack Garratt's performance
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I was tempted to FPP the video of "A Short Film by Spike Jonze". I thought "if Colbert ever wants to do non-comedic acting, this is his audition". Also GROVER!!! I almost started singing "Can you show me how to get, how to get to the Ed Sullivan Theater", but the meter wasn't right.
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I miss the Colbert Report.
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Me too, thankfully most of his non-interview bits are on youtube for your perusing. I watch this show the day after, where I can usually skip over interviews of people who you can tell the network wants him to interview and he'll phone it in.
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Bah it's missing the exploding skateboards.
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I think Colbert's talents are wasted doing advertisement-as-interview, but I'm happy he's doing well and I suspect as time goes on he will have more leverage to do the sorts of things he wants to do on the show.
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