Love: The Date
March 2, 2016 7:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Gus and Bertie go on a terrible date which they pivot into a purposefully terrible non-date. Mickey looks for something to do.

Even though the two seem to have trepidations about being set up with each other for being "nice" Gus and Bertie adventure out on a date anyway. Half of Gus' comments are attempts at being considerate which eventually leads to them switching tables, which causes Bertie to text that she won't be going on a second date. Unfortunately, this text goes to Gus accidently, which leads to an amusing game of intentionally failing dates between the two.

The episode begins with the revelation that Mickey has been going to Alcoholics Anonymous, which gives a different shade to her character. She spends her night organizing her front room and then going to meet her friend for more talk about relationships and drugs.

Gus gets a little mad at Mickey at the end and she responds by dangerous jaywalking and kissing him.


* The setup of two people purposefully crashing their date was pretty amusing and surprisingly naturally constructed. It also allowed Gus and Bertie to escape with both of their dignity intact and still on good terms.

* One day I'd like to see the "this person needs to respect themselves and date better people" trope but with a man instead. It's a thing that happens, so I don't mind it so much as long as the writers are not judgmental about it.

* I like Syd's story with her own addictions. It's a very ordinary story of getting out of drug use just because life circumstances change for the better, which is probably pretty normal from what I understand.
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The bad date was, for me, probably the funniest scene in the entire series. The premise didn't really stand up (why again would Mickey set them up?) but if you shrug and ignore those kinds of details, the humor was fantastic.

But, as was the case in other episodes, this still didn't establish much of a reason for me to believe the connection or attraction between Mickey and Gus. I get the fantasy aspect (Mickey is beautiful and outgoing and interesting), but not why she would not just be attracted but to the point of taking charge.
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> (why again would Mickey set them up?)

I know TWO separate women who tried to set up their now-partner with female friends just before getting together with the dudes themselves. In both cases it was a way of safely siphoning off their crush-feelings during a time when going after the dude themselves felt like a bad idea (e.g. while still in confused post-break-up mode or during a life crisis).

So that part made sense to me... if Mickey was having feelings for Gus.

Mickey having feelings for Gus, though? Did not make sense to me.
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My spouse (aka Comrade Doll in these parts) set me up twice before we went out. Life is weird.
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To me Mickey having feelings for Gus was established by her hearing Syd's story. Maybe wrong timing in the series' narrative but it makes sense to me.
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Serious question, why wouldn't Mickey have feelings for Gus ?
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Because she is beautiful and vibrant, while he is a sad sack?

Honestly I never picked up any feeling of connection between the actors, and never saw anything in the story that made me buy the attraction. It's not the hill I want to die on but it never stopped bothering me through the entire series.
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But I know plenty of people in real life where one is a sad sack and the other is beautiful and vibrant and they are perfectly happy ....
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Because she is beautiful and vibrant, while he is a sad sack?

If they were of equivalent attractiveness, is this a thing you would still say? Because my read on the show was that Mickey was a sour, mercurial person capable of bits of manic charisma, but mostly kind of a selfish pain in the ass. I mean, I like her character, and identify with her in some ways, so I'm not saying she's overall awful or anything. But I don't know that she is a person whose quirks and failings would receive quite this much latitude were she not objectively beautiful.

I don't think she's any less sour or fucked-up than Gus. Really, Gus's failings are more of social ineptitude and less about profound internal damage. So you could argue she's way more fucked-up than he is. Or not. Actually, for my money, I think they are well-matched and are weirdly complimentary.
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