Love: Andy
March 7, 2016 4:27 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Mickey spends a night with Andy Dick playing himself. Gus has to work late causing him to miss a midnight date with Mickey.

At her work Mickey puts in a fake call to give her talk host boss something to talk about. Dr. Greg is still being a jerk to Mickey and gives her some good advice in a unnecessarily condescending angry tone. After a stressful day at work Mickey retreat to a bar where the Andy Dick literally shows up.

Gus sets up a date with Mickey at midnight but can't get away from work. He finally gets his spec script in the hands of a writer and takes some constructive criticism, but show writer ended up just being nice by holding back the really harsh criticism. Later though, he gives some actual good advice to a guest starring actor.

Andy Dick and Mickey spend the night drinking and doing drugs, like one would imagine Andy Dick does. And then they subvert expectations by giving Andy Dick a nice coming down moment and further coming-to-terms with drug use.


* The "night of drugs that ends on a down note" is a good story arc that doesn't get a lot of play. It reminded of the Community episode "Mixology Certification" and both that episode and this allow the characters say stuff they normally wouldn't because everyone says stuff they normally wouldn't when they're drunk/high/on drugs/whatever.

* This show likes separating the two main protagonists to spend the day just texting each other, or waiting for texts rather, while they continue on with their life. Cell phones and being always connected probably changes things a lot for the people that want to be connected the most.

* Gus gets to teach other child actors who are not the worst that we haven't seen until now.
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I like how interacting with Mickey makes Gus a better version of himself. His jokes land, his charm works, etc. Not to get schmaltzy, but it really does work that way with the right person, sometimes.

He's lucky that texting meltdown didn't fully register while she was out ripping the town up. That was, uhhhh... not the best version of Gus.
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