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Hey! it's naju, the guy who started Strange Club and has been organizing the viewings! Things have been delayed with the club for a few months now, and I even had to disable my mefi account for the past month because life got too tough and hectic. I'm tentatively ready to get back into the saddle, with a more spread out schedule of one-film-a-month or thereabouts, to make things easier. But, to be honest, things are going to remain hectic for me, and I suspect my participation on this site is going to have to be dialed back a bunch. So I'm wondering if one or more people would like to join me in organizing/posting movies?

We've still got a good list going of 112 movies here to select from, and it's always open to more additions.

If anyone has insights into what other clubs are doing to manage / spread out the organization, please share. Open to whatever. This is a great club and we've done some excellent viewings, and it deserves a more steady and reliable presence :)
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Horror club is decentralized, so that the person who made the most recent post finds the person to make the next post. I haven't been active there recently but it seems to be chugging along.
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Hey - I just got a new laptop this week with a really nice screen and speakers (replacing a 7 year old machine) and so now I'm on the internet a lot more actively and happily than I used to be, so let me be one to speak up and say "hell yeah let's watch some more strange movies!"
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I want to watch Inherent Vice.
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I have been waiting to come back to this thread, but I have been so busy. I should be finished with my overtime and extra work by the end of May, and them am definitely on board with more weirdness.
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