Strange Club: the return
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Hey all! So Strange Club was going well for a bit in 2015, and then dropped off the radar entirely in 2016. I'm feeling the itch to get it started back up again, though, after attending Fantastic Fest and having my love for inexplicable, visionary cinema rekindled. So let's get back in the saddle.

The organization and polling to choose movies was the most job-like and hard to manage part of the whole thing, so I'm thinking of cutting that out entirely and being the benevolent dictator of this operation. Suggestions and DMs are extremely welcome, but I'm ultimately making the decisions. I'll try for streaming options whenever I can. We're also limiting it to one film a month, rather than two a month.

Excited to get back into the weirdness with yall! I'll choose a first film shortly, so make your recommendations.

The old list is here. Others I'll be looking at:

A Facebook thread has a list of past Fantastic Fest movies that are available on streaming services.

There's also this really good list of Netflix horror films that was posted to Mefi, some of which would undoubtedly fit.
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Great news, naju! I had to drop out of Strange Club (and most of my regular Fanfare haunts) towards the end of last year due to multiple personal and professional factors. But now that most of those have tailed off to acceptable levels, I'm definitely game to once again turn and face the strange.
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I've seen almost all the movies on that netflix list and then some. I also have a shudder subscription and they have some great movies-lots of giallos (a personal fave) but also some recent gems. I've seen quite a few of the fantastic fest movies, but definitely would love the chance to discuss all of these on fanfare. I'm in!
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OK! The first movie will be the 2014 film, Felt. It's streaming on Netflix and available for rental from a few places. We're set to discuss on Monday, Oct. 17. Godspeed.
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