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March 5, 2016 8:16 AM - Season 28, Episode 4 - Subscribe

9 pairs of Social Media “celebrities" race from Cartagena to Geneva to Chamonix on a race around the world.

This episode featured (way too much) the inevitable “showmance”. There was also: traveling by plane, tram, train, and foot, lack of geographic knowledge,a large fountain, sleeping in an awesome looking basement, running by clues, assembling swiss army knives, counting buttspaces on a long bench, a perfectly good game of chess disrupted over and over, judge side-eye, getting lost, a large broken chair, sharing answers, a flag identification challenge, people standing at a key and wondering where the key is and then running around to look for the key, expecting other contestants to help you when you are in last place, whining, multiple connections, and demanding that people hide.
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The only thing I liked about the showmance stuff was the obvious glee from Tyler and his partner about #blodie as the ship name.

Again, it seems like some of these teams can manage some basic French, which is encouraging. Although Burnie asking "what country is Switzerland in?" was not.

I wish they had shown a bit more of the process of putting together the Swiss Army knives, because that seemed potentially interesting, but maybe because those three teams seemed to fins=ish quickly there wasn't much to see?
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Not a fan of having an obvious bunching event (travel to another city by a means of transportation that has limited travel opportunities) at the end of the leg. Kind of makes all the challenges on the leg pointless, unless you manage to do so badly that you miss the same transport that everyone else got on.

Good idea by whichever team that was that thought to bring a tally counter along on the race, given that counting things that number in the hundreds does have a tendency to show up in challenges about once a season or so.
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