Gotham: A Dead Man Feels No Cold
March 7, 2016 7:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Mr. Freeze gives the GCPD the cold shoulder and perfects his ice fishing. Penguin tries out the Oculus Rift. Dr. Strange expands upon his collection. Gordon does some good police work. Bruce gets in some kickboxing. Altogether there are fewer cold-related puns than the Schumacher film, but a much better fit for the suit.

Would it have been so much for Strange to say "Ice to meet you."?
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Would it have been so much for Strange to say "Ice to meet you."?

Maybe they're saving it for his inevitable return.

I will say that I'm enjoying Hugo Strange and Ms. Peabody. It feels a little like the whole thing with Fish last season, except legitimately connected to the plot, and done in an entertaining way. Like, I'm actually curious what they're up to.

I'm also continuing to watch with the headcanon that this is Earth-3, and Bruce is gearing up for his start as Owlman, with all the gun talk. (I forget who pointed that notion out, but I'm running with it.)
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Yeah, Strange and Peabody seem like the half-season's main arc, and I think that they're really hitting the right notes for that. I liked Galvan, but was glad he was dead... apparently no too dead, though. I don't really want them to bring him back, but maybe it's a way for them to have semi-death for characters (they also teased a shot of someone who looked suspiciously like the Joker).

RE: Freis, I thought his actor had some very wooden lines this episode. Maybe he was just given clunkers to work with, but it really felt like amateur night when he was trying to do more than chill out with Gotham's finest.
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Strange and Peabody are appropriately hammy/creepy, but we're going to have to find a way to get them out of the office if they'll be the main villains of the arc. I agree Penguin's plotline is a lot like Fish's captivity, but that went on wayyyyyy too long. I'm not sure nine episodes of Torture Hospital is something I'd be down for.
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