It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 11
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In this season of Sunny the gang has pitched a board game, traveled through time, gone skiing, made some art, explored the suburbs, seen things from Frank's point of view, gone to court, celebrated St. Patty's day, and gone to hell. This time out the writing staff has been playing with some new concepts while also pulling from the show's history.
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another solid season by the gang, even if I think it relied a bit too much on callbacks.

Dennis keeps getting more and more sketchy. From the head in the freezer, the paddy wagon hijinks and the practical results of the implication, Glenn Howerton keeps taking off more layers from that onion (which he carries on his pocket)
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I haven't watched the whole season, but I want to register that the montage of Mac and Dennis being driven mad while living in the suburbs is an A+ madness montage.
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Yeah, this season had some very high highs and very low lows. The suburbs episode is fabulous, and Being Frank might be one of the show's best episodes yet, but there were so. many. callbacks. It veered dangerously close to flimsy, "REMEMBER THIS THING YOU LIKED? HERE IT IS AGAIN AND THAT MAKES IT FUNNY" territory, though usually the episodes were all-around funny enough, or had enough sublime moments (Guillermo Del Toro's Pappy McPoyle!) to keep it from dragging too much.
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I thought this season had its ups and downs. The funny bits are really good but some parts do seem to lull. I'm a huge Sunny fan but I definitely wouldn't start someone on the series this far in. They're too far gone at this point.

I love so much that Mac is a secret Cowboys fan and Tony Romo fan. As a Cowboys fan, it always bugged me that the show was in Philadelphia but that totally makes up for it.
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I've found this season to be the most uneven. I almost quit altogether after the skiing one but the suburbs and St. Patty's Day episodes sucked me back in. I would watch a whole show about paint-drinking, Leprechaun-kidnapping Charlie.
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My girlfriend and I have been reacting to any minor annoyance from the other by launching into Dennis's "storm of fists raining down on your head" speech in its entirety. It really is cathartic to recite it, even if you keep your clothes on.
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I'm just impressed this show is still cranking out bits that make me laugh out loud in its 11th season.
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