Vikings: Yol
March 11, 2016 8:59 AM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Bjorn faces a challenge on his return to Kattegat, and makes another stop to pick up a new companion. Ragnar spends some private time with a new slave girl. Rollo and Gisla come to a new understanding. And some more royal intrigue between Wessex and Northumbria.
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A Yule where no one's longhouse gets set on fire- bit disappointing, actually.

Also, where did you get a snake, Ragnar?

Who feeds your snake while you're away?

Ragnar, you live in Norway.

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So Bjorn took Torvi, but the child stayed with the very not viking looking guy dad and will probably hate Bjorn forever for taking his mom away.

Ragnar is struggling with his faith and Christianity, and Siggi left Ivar with Floki to learn the old ways and to hate the Christian god.

So one of the things I'm really enjoying thinking about and hoping for is that this show is multi-generational and shows the conflicts that will arise between Torvi's kid and Bjorn, and between Ivar and ... Magnus maybe? I'm expecting Ragnar to bite the dust this season or next and Ivar and the other kids to start taking a role.
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Ragnar, it is too cold there for that snake
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I'm enjoying Floki's plot again. I didn't love what happened with him the past few episodes but now I'm interested to see where this is going.

I'm a little surprised at how quick her turnaround was, but I'm glad Rollo and the princess are getting along so well now.

I really expected Bjorn to call out the guys for sending an assassin. Is he playing a longer game or does he actually not know whose ring that was?

Lagertha is so proud of Bjorn, I love the faces she makes around him, it's adorable.
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