Sleepy Hollow: Into the Wild
March 12, 2016 6:17 AM - Season 3, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Sophie and Abbie are faced with a monster that might blow their cover with Reynolds; Crane realizes the symbol from the catacombs might be more important than he thought; Joe and Jenny get more than they bargained for in an auction for Pandora's box.
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Kinda worked.

Peter Mensah is being severely underutilized. And either they're playing the abusive partner angle with him and Pandora will do a face turn and go Team Witness on the finale, or the writers have no clue what they're doing.
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or the writers have no clue what they're doing.

Well, writers have been giving us pretty conclusive proof of their cluelessness for a while now. This was a decent episode though, gives me hope that they can pull together a satisfying finale.
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Agree--the cast on this show is great and I loved the first season arc, but the storylines since have been fairly underwhelming. Peter Mensahs' villain character is like the Master from Buffy's first season, but without the pithy lines--most appearances involve him pacing around in his lair railing uselessly about his situation and are just boring to watch. At least Pandora goes out and does villainous things.

I did like the interactions between Abbie and Sophie this episode though--I think she's been a good addition to the show in general.
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To the writers' credit, Sophie was well introduced to the story (despite disliking the unnecessary "orphan because supernatural took her parents" backstory). Last season Hawley was dropped off in SH screaming "SPIN-OFF".
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It was...ok. I'd love for them to ditch the monster-of-the-week stuff, though. The two other storylines better come together as one big story, and quick. They just keep poking-around but never enough to actually make something significant happen.
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I'm not particularly a fan of Sophie, but I loved her whole bit about her "Whaaaaa? Monsters?" face.

I was not pleased about Abbie parroting Crane's revelation about the "thing you think will hurt you" to Daniel, who just seems like every other male character who thinks he's all that (and is supposed to be all that) and he's not even (to this viewer) a bag of chips. I miss Frank. Frank was funny and compelling. Daniel seems like he could have been dropped into this show from any other show. And I wish we'd see John Cho again. Sigh.

I think we all saw Pandora turning on The Hidden One from his first bitchy moment, but I'm hoping it will be worth it, nonetheless. (I agree that THO has been pretty two-dimensional.)

Finally, I have to say that Joe, who initially seemed like just another random white boy (but without the Sawyeresque Hawley funny smouldering), makes me laugh. He's a bit of a puppy (Wendigo notwithstanding), but maybe that's a good thing for Jenny.
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They just keep poking-around but never enough to actually make something significant happen.

This is part of the magic of the first season that they've never been able to recapture - the first season didn't wait around, ever. Shit was just constantly happening, no slowly-simmering plotlines that dragged on and took forever to get anywhere. I think maybe they would've been better off with short seasons forever, or else someone just needs to take the writers aside and be like, "Look, instead of coming up with one season-long-arc, come up with, say....five season long arcs. Then discard the worst two and stuff all three other ones into the one season one after the other."

I actually liked this monster of the week, though. Better than I liked the Jersey Devil last week, who had potential to be an interesting character and never quite got there (I think he would've had to survive for more than one episode) and who visually looked like a late-season Buffy reject. This guy was a little random, but felt genuinely threatening.
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Heh, I think I need to listen to this podcast episode:

"In Sleepy Hollow season 2, I interviewed the showrunner in the middle of season 2, when it was basically a dumpster fire at that point, and I said to him, ‘Katrina is like, literally within your narrative a useless character. She tried to do magic one and she fainted. What is the point of Katrina?’

And he said, ‘Well Katrina is a strong female character.’

And I just felt like saying, ‘Sir, that is not a magical incantation that protects your narrative from charges of being…CRAP.’"
—Maureen Ryan,
The Televerse #236- The 100’s “Thirteen” and Traumatic TV Character Deaths with Mo Ryan (via Fanatical Queer Geek tumblr)
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