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Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers.


Sleepy Hollow: Columbia  Season 4, Episode 1

Crane gets a change of scenery. He also meets his new partner and his geek squad. New demons and a new baddie set-up the season. Oh, and someone's channeling Abbie. [more inside]
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Sleepy Hollow: Ragnarok  Season 3, Episode 18

It's the end of the show as we know it. (Season finale) [more inside]
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Sleepy Hollow: Delaware  Season 3, Episode 17

Abbie and Crane take a boat trip to the Catacombs; Jenny, Joe, Sophie, Danny, and Pandora do some mountaineering.
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Sleepy Hollow: Dawn's Early Light  Season 3, Episode 16

With the Hidden One growing stronger, Crane looks to his past with Betsy Ross to find the key to stopping him; Ezra Mills reaches out to his daughters; Reynolds has a brush with the supernatural.
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Sleepy Hollow: Incommunicado  Season 3, Episode 15

Crane and Abbie need to cooperate with their most detested foes; Joe and Jenny try to restore their relationship.
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Sleepy Hollow: Into the Wild  Season 3, Episode 14

Sophie and Abbie are faced with a monster that might blow their cover with Reynolds; Crane realizes the symbol from the catacombs might be more important than he thought; Joe and Jenny get more than they bargained for in an auction for Pandora's box.
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Sleepy Hollow: Dark Mirror  Season 3, Episode 13

Crane looks to his past for a connection when a monster resembling the mythical New Jersey Devil attacks Sleepy Hollow; Joe and Jenny stumble as they navigate their relationship; Abbie struggles in the wake of her trauma.
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Sleepy Hollow: Sins of the Father  Season 3, Episode 12

When Jenny confronts her father, past turmoil resurfaces; Atticus Nevins' return brings more danger than the FBI could have imagined.
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Sleepy Hollow: Kindred Spirits  Season 3, Episode 11

The Kindred returns as a new threat while Abbie, Crane and Jenny try to find normalcy; Crane realizes his romantic encounters with Zoe might have long-lasting impact.
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Sleepy Hollow: Incident at Stone Manor  Season 3, Episode 10

Crane sends his astral self out in search of Abbie; Sophie enlists Jenny and Joe to help fight a murderous gargoyle.
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Sleepy Hollow: One Life  Season 3, Episode 9

Jenny and Crane are at a loss after Abbie's sacrifice; Crane forms an unexpected partnership; Jenny faces off with a former enemy.
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Sleepy Hollow: Novus Ordo Seclorum  Season 3, Episode 8

Joe and Jenny's encounter with Sophie leaves Abbie in trouble with Reynolds; the witnesses face unimaginable evil. (Fall Finale)
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Sleepy Hollow: The Art of War  Season 3, Episode 7

Abbie is in command while Reynolds goes to Washington, D.C. to talk about developments in the Nevins case; Joe and Jenny face the consequences of stealing the shard; a new and dangerous evil force is revealed.
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Sleepy Hollow: The Red Lady From Caribee  Season 3, Episode 6

Pandora calls forth a wasp-demon to create the final flower for her tree; Joe and Jenny confront Nevin despite the possible risk to Reynolds' investigation; Crane takes Zoe on a date. [more inside]
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Sleepy Hollow: Dead Men Tell No Tales  Season 3, Episode 5

When Ichabod's nemesis returns from the dead, he and Abbie turn to Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth for forensic help unlocking 18th-century secrets (Part 2 of Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover)
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Sleepy Hollow: The Sisters Mills  Season 3, Episode 4

Pandora unleashes her latest monster, who targets the town's children. Abbie talks to Jenny about their father. Crane discovers the wonders of modern dentistry.
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Sleepy Hollow: Blood and Fear  Season 3, Episode 3

An ancient artifact has the ability to transform a human into a terrifying figure from the past, scaring the residents of Sleepy Hollow. [more inside]
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Sleepy Hollow: Whispers in the Dark  Season 3, Episode 2

Crane and Abbie are forced to face their pasts in surprising ways when a new form of evil is unleashed. [more inside]
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Sleepy Hollow: I, Witness  Season 3, Episode 1

Abbie and Crane seem to have moved on with their lives until a mysterious tablet reveals a new dark prophecy.
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Sleepy Hollow: Tempus Fugit  Season 2, Episode 18

Abbie does some Marty McFly-ing in old Sleepy Hollow.
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Sleepy Hollow: Awakening  Season 2, Episode 17

Abbie and Ichabod battle against those who want to reawaken a witch coven that would pose a great danger to mortals; Jenny makes a discovery about Frank Irving.
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Sleepy Hollow: What Lies Beneath  Season 2, Episode 16

Ichabod and Abbie face demonic creatures guarding a secret crypt and cross paths with Thomas Jefferson; Jenny learns a secret about Irving.
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Sleepy Hollow: Spellcaster  Season 2, Episode 15

A warlock who triggered the Salem witch trials escapes purgatory; Abbie tries to regain trust in Frank Irving; Henry searches for his identity.
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Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga  Season 2, Episode 14

Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny help Nick Hawley combat his evil childhood caretaker; Captain Irving adjusts to his new reality. (Crane vs the 21st century moment of the week - karaoke)
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Sleepy Hollow: Pittura Infamante  Season 2, Episode 13

Following an art restorer's mysterious death, Ichabod and Katrina are reminded of a friend from their past; a visitor at the police precinct shocks Abbie.
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Sleepy Hollow: Paradise Lost  Season 2, Episode 12

Abbie and Ichabod think an angel named Orion may be able to help them; Katrina looks for Abraham's humanity.
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Sleepy Hollow: The Akeda  Season 2, Episode 11

Sword and soul rules-lawyering, Bible story hour, and do marriage counselors make emergency calls during the end of days?
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Sleepy Hollow: Magnum Opus  Season 2, Episode 10

In a quest to kill Moloch, Abbie and Ichabod need to find a powerful weapon while worrying about the Headless Horseman.
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Sleepy Hollow: Mama  Season 2, Episode 9

Perhaps Ichabod would prefer a jar of leeches, real mental health hospitals aren't staffed solely by demon nurses, Hawley gets to hold flashlights, and finally: Everybody Else On The Show Is Officially A Better Witch Than Katrina.
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Sleepy Hollow: Heartless  Season 2, Episode 8

The Real Housewives of Sleepy Hollow, What to Expect When You're Expecting Your New Demonic Baby, there's nothing like a good poultice, and gee, the club scene in this town is kinda rough.
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Sleepy Hollow: Deliverance  Season 2, Episode 7

Demon spawn, attempts to reach out to Henry's inner child, a primer on modern day voting issues, gross veiny Katrina and drunk goth girls.
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Sleepy Hollow: And the Abyss Gazes Back  Season 2, Episode 6

Daddy issues, the Piper's pipe reappears (sort of), a wendigo with PTSD, and a virtuoso display of 18th century curse words.
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Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady  Season 2, Episode 5

On this episode of Sleepy Hollow: Ladies Love Cool Ichabod, things get wet, Hawley's merchandise isn't always up to snuff, and Katrina talks to birds.
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Sleepy Hollow: Go Where I Send Thee...  Season 2, Episode 4

A creature out of myth and legend...sort of. Plus unusual musical instruments, chess with a devil, and family curses make for hard choices.
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Sleepy Hollow: Root of All Evil  Season 2, Episode 3

The Horseman of War stirs up more trouble, a bank robbery is the start of a wave of violence in town, and everybody gets to think a little bit about their family relationships.
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Sleepy Hollow: The Kindred  Season 2, Episode 2

A daring plan to rescue Katrina involves everyone taking some risks. Oh, and there's a new sheriff in town.
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Sleepy Hollow: This is War  Season 2, Episode 1

She's a small-town police lieutenant with a troubled childhood. He's a Revolutionary War era soldier transported to the modern day. Together, they fight crime the Apocalypse!
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