Love: Closing Title Song
March 13, 2016 12:50 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

At a theme song party for movies that don't have theme songs Mickey feels alone, Gus rhymes things with "Carlito's Way," and Heidi tries to get closer to Gus.

Mickey is feeling anxious about how last episode's date went and the lack of texts. She decides to go to Gus' movie theme song party even though she is skeptical of a movie theme song party. Witchita actor Heidi seemingly wants to get closer to Gus and comes along for the jam session.

Heidi gets along well at the party while Mickey is a bit of a downer because she is isolated and is getting jealous of Heidi. Eventually Mickey goes to steal some purse lipstick and gets in a spirited discussion with Gus about how they're both acting weird. She slips out of the apartment later.

At the end of the party Heidi makes her move which leads to sex. Mickey is alone at home and does some Facebook stalking.


* In a reverse of "Party in the Hills" Mickey is the one being awkward at a party. The second episode in a row where these two people are just really different. I'm having trouble seeing a future besides they slowly lose contact with each other. They really just need to hang out normally (like the second episode or the bug-crushing scene), because those are the times when it seems like they actually gel.

* I don't think mystical elements add to dirty talk, but that's just my personal opinion.

* "It relieves so much stress they can just focus on being pleasant all the time."
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This was another episode that seemed to be mostly emphasizing their lack of a connection rather than building any particular tension or points of overlap.

I've never even been to Hollywood, much less worked there, so I would defer to those who are better informed, but I had trouble seeing the hot actress throwing herself at the socially awkward, marginally employed Gus as a particularly believable moment.

The theme song party would be my personal idea of hell, but the actors really succeeded in making it look like genuine fun, and it was great to see Gus in a less sad-sack mode. Like with his jam session at the other party, music seems to take him out of his head and it would have been nice to see more done with this.
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Mickey was pretty awkward at the first party, too.

Poor Bertie.
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Loved the movie song bits. Bertie continues to be great. I have a feeling when life gives her lemons, she smiles and eats them because hey, lemons are misunderstood. They're not so bad.

I continue to go between disliking and feeling sorry for Mickey. Gus is mostly clueless but also a jerk sometimes which is not a fun combo. I don't understand why we're supposed to care if they ever hear from each other again or why either of them cares.

I did not like anything about Heidi and found her very grating. I know (and I think most people do) versions of that character so they could have half-assed the standard trope stereotype but the character is decently written and very well acted which was nice.
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This was another episode that seemed to be mostly emphasizing their lack of a connection rather than building any particular tension or points of overlap.

I think they're focusing on how quickly people who have a connection sabotage the relationship because of their own demons/fuckedupness. Those two have an easy connection with each other, but actually getting closer to each other isn't quite as easy.

Though at this point Mickey seems really messed up and Gus could probably do better. But not with the actress.
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