Love: Magic
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Gus and Mickey go out on a date. For some reason, Gus makes one of the boldest of first date choices: a magic show.

In preparation for their first date Gus washes his car and Mickey hangs out with Syd and Bertie. The two meet up and Gus does some bug killing which leads to some immediate intimacy. Then Mickey and Gus go out to eat and Gus reveals his plan for the date: the Magic Castle.

Mickey is unenthusiastic about going to see some magic but they go anyway. She then proceeds to encourage blatant dress code violation, is very invested in finding out the tricks behind the act and justifiably complains about sexism in the magic community. Gus appreciates different things in the show.

On the car ride back there is friction between the two, but Gus and Mickey still go to bed.


* Like other commenters here have asked, why do either of them like the other? They seem pretty different. Not that different people never get together, but it's hard to see what they see in each other. Are they just desperate for companionship?

* I'm beginning to think that Gus is bad at dates.

* In true romantic comedy tradition, the friend to the main character is the best part. "I'm going to book club. We're reading Dianetics. We just want to see what it is."
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Bertie is far and away the best part of this show.

I guess the whole point of the series is to show a realistic relationship between two screwed up people. And I guess it does okay at that. But what it really demonstrates is that movies and TV shows are unrealistic for a reason. Reality sucks, real people are awful, and no one wants to watch shows about them. (Despite the existence of a "reality" show for literally everything imaginable.)

Gus is intolerable. Mickey is somewhat sympathetic at times, and her faults seem easier to forgive. This is probably because the actress is more charismatic, and I like her from other shows.

So if this were a show about her struggles I would probably be all in.
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Yeah, I get a real Girls vibe with this show (another Judd Apatow involved thing). Like if you just give the two protagonists a couple of redeeming qualities it would be easier, but maybe the point is that its supposed to be challenging on purpose? I really don't know. But like Girls I find the comedy and uniqueness enough to pull me through even though there's flaws in both shows.
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The magic show date was interesting, because it was a total failure on both of their parts. Gus should have listened and recalibrated when his date wasn't into the magic stuff, and Mickey should have put on her big girl pants and not acted like an ass once she was stuck on the magic train for the evening.

This was not an episode that made me believe in their sexual or romantic attraction.
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I've been pretty vocal here in past threads, so this may seem like a contradiction of my past opinions. But I thought Mickey and Gus had pretty good chemistry in the bedroom scene following the bug-killing. I was impressed with it, actually. And I can see what they like about each other. What I definitely don't see is long-term connection, but I guess that is probably the point of the series. This isn't love.

I'm a big fan of Girls and I don't see the comparison between these shows beyond a vague Apatow formula of "schlubby person looking for love." Girls is a well-written show with fully-realized characters. It has things to say about the world. I'm not sure I agree with all the things it has to say, but I don't deny that the show is saying them. This show is like a toddler pool in comparison. The main characters are fleshed-out beyond broad archetypes, but nobody else is. It doesn't have that much to say at all. I'll grant that Girls is four seasons ahead of this show, but they're just on different levels. And that's without even getting into how they're filmed- the direction and production of Girls is so much better than this, too.
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Until this episode I could maybe see why Gus and Mickey had some sort of attraction or connection. I just don't understand it anymore, but I think it might be only a longing for companionship which is certainly strongly implied in Mickey's case.

Gus seemed more clueless than mean on the date. I was waiting for him to realize the Magic Castle was not working and leave, but nope. It was similar to the changing tables scene from The Date. I get where Mickey was coming from but she had no filter at all and it was a bit maddening. I feel like Gus and Mickey are both terribly self-centered but for very different reasons so I don't see how they could ever work together.

Bertie remains the best part of the show. She is so genuinely positive while still being realistic and not a pushover. It's pretty great to watch. The Dianetics line got me pretty good - especially the follow up "okay" just before the title screens.

I'm really enjoying the pacing of this show. It's calming to watch a show that works closer to real life than most. This makes it more realistic, adds to the comedy and drama with awkward pauses, and gives me a second to let a line sink in before the next hacky setup/punch comes at me at warp speed like a traditional sitcom.
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I'm a big fan of Girls and I don't see the comparison

Yeah, I don't know, to me they seem similar but I wasn't trying to say they're similar in quality. Both have naturalistic tones spliced with some solid comedic moments and all the protagonists have flaws that the show refuses to let you forget. It's that tone that makes me compare the two. The main difference being this show has a very weighty theme/title.
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Like other commenters here have asked, why do either of them like the other?

It's the small beats, where they have a similar sense of humor and can riff off each other pretty well and the sex is good.

Played right, they could balance each other well.
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