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March 16, 2016 4:35 AM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Quentin, Alice, Eliot and Penny get a glimpse of the true history of the events surrounding Fillory and Further. [Warning: this episode depicts violence against children.]
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Way to double down on the "Bury Your Gays" trope Magicians writers. With bonus "Magical Negro" trope even, since the character existed solely to further Julia's growth. The haunted house stuff was all effectively creepy, and Quentin+Penny is always fun, but goddamn did I not need to see another name for Autostraddle's Dead Lesbian list this week.
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For a moment I was lost on your comment. Then I remembered the b-plot. Oh, right ....

Not great, and for whatever it's worth, this is something they created for the show, and doesn't have even a vague parallel in the books.
posted by filthy light thief at 8:23 AM on March 16, 2016

With bonus "Magical Negro" trope even.

I give you the "bury tour gays" trope, but it's hard to avoid magicians on a show called "The Magicians".
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Keira doesn't check all the boxes for Magical Negro (TV Tropes), in that she's not the pure-hearted individual with folksy wisdom, but she does appear (and disappear) suddenly, providing crucial information (of what use, we don't yet know). She's more of a Magical Black Lesbian, or maybe Bi Woman, if that reference to her girlfriend was supposed to mean she fancied other women.

This show isn't all white, but it's still pretty white, so suddenly adding a black woman, who might like other women, and who is a self-taught magical adept, only to have her die to "burn the tumors" off of Julia's soul, as Richard put it, seems pretty shallow, if not crass.
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Yeah, I mean, Keira was basically there to spout exposition -- it wouldn't surprise me if she was written with no particular race/gender/orientation in mind, and then when casting time came they decided on making her a queer POC, since all the other haunted-house-related guest stars were white. It's not that I think they were all twirling their mustaches in glee at killing her in particular. It's just that since this is a pretty kill-happy show (one or more murders per episode, most episodes so far, no?), if the diversity is coming mainly from the guest actors rather than the main cast, it leads right into the problem of disposable minorities.
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Possibly the second-worst time anyone has ever had in a Frank Lloyd Wright house.
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