Underground: War Chest
March 16, 2016 9:04 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A plantation dance becomes the perfect distraction for a heist while John and Elizabeth step into a strange world.

The Memory Palace podcast - episode 48 (picture a box) (the story of Henry "Box" Brown in 12 minutes)
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Damn, this is a good show. Thanks for posting these.

I'm interested (and worried) to see how much suffering and failure we'll see of the slaves, especially those who are planning to escape. And I'm still confused about August and the run-away slave he turned in.

The music:
* Last to Know (Remix) [feat. Shane Eli] by Electric Owls
* There Is Power In the Blood by Worship Service Resources (traditional? piano piece)
* Touch by Marz Léon
* Wicked Games (explicit; video) by The Weeknd
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And I'm still confused about August and the run-away slave he turned in.

From the pilot? How so? If it is the pilot character, I thought it was partly just a plot twist to have him turn out to be on the slaver side, and to highlight how risky it would be for people to accept help from anyone claiming to be part of the Underground Railroad. And since Noah saw August stab the other slave-catcher's hand, it sets up the danger that if/when Noah sees him again he might believe he can be trusted. He might be more willing to trust August than he'll trust his owner's brother John.
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