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The timetable for escape is agreed upon and Rosalee is tasked with the most important part of the plan.
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I kind of envy people that are going to get to watch this season in one marathon binge, the suspense is brutal.

I was not expecting Rosalee to get away from Bill, I was assuming they were going to have him succeed at raping her and have that be the thing that convinced her to run. Which, ugh, but, I would have found it to be a fair writing decision, not some Game-of-Thrones-ish gratuitous misogyny, especially since they kept the camera outside of the room. But dead Bill and Noah & Rosalee running together now with no supplies I did not see coming. Not sure if they'll walk it back somehow in the next episode -- if they don't, I wonder if it's to drive home how bad the repercussions will be for the slaves left behind? Since now it will be happening to a bunch of fully established characters rather than just Ernestine, James, and a bunch of extras?

I guess the time frame is right for the can-can to be a new dance; I'm not sure I buy that people would do it at a gala (and wasn't this the era of the hoop skirt?), but, it gave Eliza something active to do to show her commitment to the plotting, so, I guess it worked.
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Music from the episode: On that note (sorry), while I have generally appreciated the mix of modern music into this show, the placement of "Good to Be Young" was a bit jarring. I liked the energy, but a dance pop tune over someone playing the piano, especially with such a purely synthetic sounding song, didn't work for me. And they're not rebellious teens on a crazy heist, they're adults who are plotting to get access to information from the governor's office, to support actions that are in defiance of the law of the day. Wrong song for that scene, IMO.

I kind of envy people that are going to get to watch this season in one marathon binge, the suspense is brutal.

I agree, but I find this suspense to be done so very well, as compared to the nonsense in other shows (*cough* The Walking Dead *cough* -- link to the general FanFare page, not a specific episode). I'm invested in the characters, and the suspense makes sense - I can see how events could lead to that point, rather than it feeling like there was a twist thrown in for *GASP* ... suspense.
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