Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Trump's Border Wall
March 21, 2016 3:38 AM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

This week.... Brazillians protest against their president Dilma Rousseff and their legislature moves to impeach, although 60% of members themselves face criminal charges of some kind. Obama nominates Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by Scalia's death. And Now: two segments on CBS This Morning's Awkward Sex Talk. Main story: Trump's proposal to build a border wall along the US/Mexico border. (YouTube 19m) Finally, Last Week Tonight begins to consider updating their All-Dog Supreme Court and asks the public to choose a dog for the event that Garland gets confirmed.

Brazil: "The country with the second-most valuable Amazon on Earth."
State-run oil companies: "Is there ever a state-run oil company that is not corrupt? The only two words that are more inherently suspecious than 'state-run' are 'oil company.'"
The (US) Supreme Court: "The nation's fifth most-watched legal drama." and "Site of more flowey black robes than Mariah Carey packing for a funeral."

Tweet your choice of Dog Justice Garland (Molly, Biscuit or Winston) to #DOGGARLAND.

Last Week Tonight is taking a week off.
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John Oliver always covers all the bases... His focus on the financial cost of such an insane idea may seem odd, but many of the people who are terrified of the Southern Boarder situation are also the same people who fume over ridiculous amount of government spending.

Maybe that's the way to see some on the hard right begin to "waffle".
posted by ComicsSleepRepeat at 7:49 PM on March 21, 2016

I was pleased to see the waffle maker, there's an old episode of the Bugle where he talks about several fans giving him one as a present after a live gig.
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So, who is everyone else voting for Dog Garland? I'm choosing Biscuit
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Team Molly 100%
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I vote the pug because it is the only one that doesn't look like it has facial hair and Garland is clean shaven.
posted by LizBoBiz at 7:33 AM on March 22, 2016

Wait... They're doing a vote for the Bulldog's replacement? I must have missed that. On it.
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Conspiracies (Web Exclusive)
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