Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Inside Man
March 23, 2016 2:55 PM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Coulson and General Talbot are forced to team up and attend a worldwide symposium on Inhumans, where they suspect Malick has an inside man. As the S.H.I.E.L.D. team gets closer to the truth, an unexpected traitor is revealed.
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Just now when considering posting last night's episode, I realized that no one had posted last week's. So this thread is for the March 15th episode (S03E12) and I'll post last night's episode shortly.
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 2:58 PM on March 23, 2016

Let's be honest, that betrayal was really not at all unexpected.
posted by dazed_one at 5:05 PM on March 23, 2016

It surprised me, but that's mostly because I was bored and not paying much attention. I mean, I know it shouldn't be a surprise given stuff earlier from the series, but I wasn't even really engaged enough to consider this.
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Can we talk about the Absorbing Man being a hero?
Can we?

Man, he's not Sandman or Hawkeye, he's a bad buy.

That's just wrong.
posted by Mezentian at 4:11 AM on March 24, 2016

Over a long enough timeline, every comics bad guy spends some time as a hero.
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I don't get how Creel/Creol/whatever it is is somehow still human with powers while the Inhumans aren't. But I don't even remember the guy at this point anyway.

Still grossed out at everything involving "Ward," also don't care.
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This show is the turd that just keeps stinking. I watched this one; couldn't force myself to care about this week's (s2e13) enough to get more than 5 min in. I think I may just accept the sunk-costs fallacy and move on. Oi.
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