The Adventure Zone: Ep. 36. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Eight
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Hey, things aren't really going that great for our heroes right now, but on the plus side -- it's MaxFunDrive time! You can support our show by going to, though unfortunately, you can't really support our heroes right now; they've got to un-goof this situation themselves. Merle saves a life. Magnus gets new legs. Taako introduces a long-overdue tentacle scene to the show.

In which Magnus consults his inventory...
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Excellent use of the Gluttons Fork. Also great to see Garryl back.

The additional background and incidental music is really coming along.
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Clint does a spectacular Christopher Lloyd impression.
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He does! I was very impressed with Clint's impressions.

I found the rummaging sounds of paper and Travis' slightly off-mic voice very exciting as he scurried to figure out what he had to use against the crystal bombs. My memory is so terrible, I can't remember what they've bought, and so it was really entertaining to hear what the Glutton's Fork was.

Plotwise, I have no idea what's happening. I recognized Magic Brian at the end, but I have no clue why the golems are targeting Merle or what Lucas' plan is. I still love listening to it.
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My favorite bit on my second listen was the moment you can tell Travis has the idea of using the fork.
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Trying to figure out why this arc isn't doing it for me the way the previous ones have, and I think it's a combination of Lucas just not being a character we give a shit about one way or another, and the time-crunch not having really been felt yet. Cat's Cradle is maybe my favorite book, period, and part of that is because Ice-9 is the most terrifying concept possible, but they haven't done a lot to make that real, yet (waiting a bit longer to give Merle his wooden arm would have helped a lot, I think.)

Also, they made a reference early on that this was going to be the Ocean's Eleven arc, which it isn't, at all, and now I just want that one.
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