Project Runway All Stars: Bait and Stitch
March 25, 2016 8:42 AM - Season 5, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The All Stars must use another designer's chosen fabric to create high-end evening resort wear. Megan Hilty guests.

Designers get assigned a fabric, are given $200 to buy it at Mood and then must swap it with the other designers.

Layana takes Ken's dark red silk charmeuse.

Dom takes Valerie's many colored linens

Valerie takes Layana's peach lightweight cotton

Asha takes Dom's gray jersey knit

Sam takes Kini's pastel brocades

Alexander takes Emily's bandana print denim

Kini takes Sam's turq/silver lace

Emily takes Alexander's burgurdy upholstery and polka-dot gray sheer

Final looks here

Kini, Alexander, Asha are safe.

Top Three: Sam, Ken, Dom; Dom wins (finally)
Bottom Three: Emily, Layana, Valerie; Valerie goes home
posted by TWinbrook8 (8 comments total)
Kini had the tackiest lace I have ever seen or ever will see, admittedly. But his runway look was just atrocious. I could not even with that self tie belt. And the hem! It was so Easy Butterick for Beginners. Not only was he not sent home, he wasn't even in the bottom three. What the hell. Usually he just never stops sewing, but this show made it seem like he spent 9/10th of his time side-eyeing Sam.

Dom's was cool. I think she and Ken may be the only two who don't have questionable taste levels, at least in my eyes. There is so much tackiness among this group. You could tell just by their fabric selections. I will have nightmares for days to come about the fabrics that Kini and Sam chose (and it's ironic that they ended up with the other's choice).
posted by the webmistress at 9:02 AM on March 25, 2016

I thought this was, by far, most compelling episode yet. Some designers were stuck with the most awful fabric so I wanted to see how they could salvage a look. Emily was the winner here (not literally); fashioning anything out of one yard of burlap and 5 yards of polka dot sheer. I mean, what was Alexander thinking? So that was the other interesting aspect, what was the original designer's concept? which sadly the producers did not explore. I'm dying to know what Sam's plans were for that awful lace. Whatever it was, it would've been heaps better than Kini's monstrosity which deserved to be in the bottom.

Dom, woohoo! By far the best. So smart piecing those two colors together which must've taken a fair amount of time and pressing and that top set it off beautifully; a wonderful, sophisticated look.

Ken did a good job salvaging that awful peach. The skirt volume was great but the top was all wrong; it looked more evening gown than resort.

I was surprised that Valerie got the boot, they've over praised her every week but her jumpsuit was boring exc for how she engineered the back. Layana, Asha, Alexander, Kini .... they should have done a mass purge.
posted by TWinbrook8 at 11:32 AM on March 25, 2016

I totally agree with everything you've said. It would be nice if they had aufed two or even three people to make up for the two weeks they saved everyone. And I too thought the most compelling aspect was one that went unexplored. Just wtf was going through Alexander's mind when he heard 'upholstery' and then bought five yards of sheer clown material?? Enquiring minds want to know.

Also, Alyssa Milano should just. not. be. hosting. this. She has terrible taste and I have yet to see her wear one thing that looked expensive and/or that flattered her. And her makeup gun is set to Tammy Faye Baker...just not a good look. I have never once in my life heard the phrase "fashion design" and then had a mental picture of Alyssa Milano. She is just wrong for this. Her opinion counts for nothing to me because she doesn't seem to walk the walk.
posted by the webmistress at 1:34 PM on March 25, 2016 [3 favorites]

So tired of Kini and Sam's mutual shade society. I still find Sam more odious (his level of self-absorption is ... high.) Am I supposed to find him charming or delightful? Is he the villain? Is he the season narrator? I don't actually care that much.

I thought Val's outfit was super-boring, but it wasn't a crime against fashion like Kini's lace monstrosity or Sam's paean to mediocre off-the-rack sales items pretending to be something special.
posted by julen at 3:02 PM on March 25, 2016

Kini should have gone home. We screamed at the tv in shock when he was safe. He's so smug, too, and I'm still tired of him from his actual season.

Weirdly, I like Sam, although I certainly get why people wouldn't. I don't think his wins are undeserved, at the very least.

It was funny how out of sync Alyssa's opinions were this episode. She didn't like any of the top looks, and she praised the look that sent Valerie home.
posted by donnagirl at 4:46 PM on March 25, 2016

Well, she's the host, not the supreme fashion justice. I think she does a good job hosting: friendly, clear, not obnoxious. Truly, probably having someone with very different taste from the other judges isn't a terrible thing -- it's interesting and gives people something to talk about.

Heidi Klum has a ... different... fashion sense than many people, and she also sometimes is a bit over the top as a host. I think Alyssa holds her own.
posted by amtho at 5:36 PM on March 25, 2016

A of all, if Miss Host said “Bait and Stitch” with the little wink in the voice, one more time - aaaarrrrgggghhh stop saying that.

Second, I was so glad to see those friendly words pass between Alexander and Ken. Because they've had some hard times. Also, Ken has surprised me and good for him.

And finally. Too much Alyssa cleavage, for me personally. And too much camera lingering on it.

Dom was the right winner but between the bottom two they sent the wrong person home. Layana's looked like a nightgown with puckered seams. I did not hate Kini's as much as the rest of yous. I thought it had some nicely employed design/structural elements (considering the monstrosity of fabric he was saddled with, especially).
posted by Glinn at 7:10 PM on March 25, 2016

OMG, that blue Kini horror should totally have sent him home. It looked like something from a 1970s Roxy Music or Rod Stewart album cover.

I also didn't like Dom's outfit, but I'm not a fan of (a) stripes or (b) yellow, so although it was clever, it didn't appeal to me.

I rather liked Alexander's denim outfit, but felt sorry for Emily with those awful fabrics. What on earth was Alexander planning to make with them? I liked Asha's dress the best.

This season has had so much producer meddling in the judging. They want Kini and Sam to stay for the bitchery, no matter how badly they perform each week. But Kini is surely hanging on by the skin of his teeth. If he can't make an umbrella dress or a peplum jacket, he has nothing else in his repertoire.
posted by essexjan at 4:59 PM on March 28, 2016

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