Columbo: Dead Weight   Rewatch 
August 21, 2014 7:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

In which Eddie Albert (Oklahoma!, Dreamscape, Green Acres) is a charismatic general who shoots a military contractor, and Suzanne Pleshette (The Bob Newhart Show, The Birds) is the sole witness. Boating ensues.
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Something I kept thinking while watching this is that the main witness was going to be a love interest at some point, but no, of course not because it's Columbo. That's such a staple episodic detective fiction that it's almost unnerving (though not bad) to not see it happen.
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So happy to see "Columbo" on FanFare! I've been Netflixing my way through the first season this year*, so this particular episode is a bit dim in memory, but I may go back and review if this is going to be a regular feature.

I do remember somebody making a cute joke about Columbus/Columbo.

*(In contrast, I marathonned "McMillan & Wife" during a month-long Rock Hudson binge.)
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I didn't like this episode so much. Columbo didn't really do very much - the whole case basically falls into his lap when the body is discovered, and he really shouldn't have needed the House-style tip off that the General was lying about the replica gun. It took way longer than it should have for him to realize a murder even occurred.
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