MeFi Horror Club Posting Norms Question
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A few times in the last couple of weeks I've put a movie up on FanFare that might also make a good selection for the MeFi Horror club, but I didn't make it a club selection because the process for making a club selection was pretty involved. For future reference if I or anyone else just feels like going, "Hey, here's a movie that would be cool for FanFare but it's also a horror movie, I'm just going to announce it as a MeFi Horror Club selection," do people think this is okay? Or is it preferable to keep MeFi Horror Club selections only to things that follow the announcement and posting protocol? Anyone?
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Considering the current involvement, I'm totally fine with people just saying "hey this is would be cool for mefihorror" and going ahead and posting.
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Yep, that's totally fine. The selection process is strictly intended to make sure there are picks on a regular basis and that the club doesn't die off.

Absolutely anyone who'd like to do so can also just add MeFi Horror Club tags to a horror post. The initial idea of movie clubs was for people to get enough notice to also watch before the thread goes up. But if you're posting something that's either a) current or b) has a reason to be on people's minds again suddenly, you can probably skip the announcement post and just do it.
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Actually, hell with it. I'll try that with the one that was going to be my next pick, He Never Died. It's new on Netflix. Let's see if we can get away with just posting it without warning.
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I was actually about to email you and ask if you were going to do that as Fridays pick. If you're not doing it tonight, I might post Baskin. Just saw it this week and a lot of people are talking about it. I wanted to do something lighter after Calvaire, but what can I say? I like the super creepy ones.
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