Calvaire (2004)
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A singer's car breaks down deep in the woods.

This horror film is a meditation on the horror of being a love object. It references Psycho and David Cronenberg. Widely considered one of the most difficult films to watch of the 21st century.
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This is possibly the strangest movie I've ever seen. I feel like I imagined it because no one else I know has ever even heard of it. That scene where they all start dancing in the tavern! I think I need to see it again because it's all melded together into one long surreal nightmare.
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The dance scene is one of the scenes that really makes me think of Cronenberg. It would be so easy for that become laughable, but it's genuinely disturbing.

The ending took a bit for me to process. I really think the whole movie is about the horror of love. You have the inn keeper and the man looking for his dog both driven mad by loss. The singer is one of those people that keeps getting desire projected onto him but it's not really him. I mean the whole thing is just this sad horrifying mess.
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