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A succession of people getting punched right in the goddamned face.
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Yay! (Um, silly question: they're not all out now, are they?)
posted by TwoStride at 9:00 PM on April 1, 2016

Nah, but given that we rarely saw many comments at all on these last year, a single thread seemed to make more sense.
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Ok! Now that I've seen the premiere, things I liked:
1) Banshee's back!
2) Mayor Proctor is actually a kind of fun twist
3) Sheriff Brock, who actually deserved the job
4) The Sarah Palin t-shirt on one of the hillfolk surrounding Lucas at the end of the ep

Things I hated:
1) Rebecca's death. Is everyone that Lucas has slept with, aside from Carrie, going to die?
2) THAT JOB IS STILL MIA. If this isn't (happily!) resolved this show will be dead to me
3) Lucas's hair, both in Mountain Man mode and then trimmed.Terrible to do to such a hot actor
posted by TwoStride at 9:59 PM on April 1, 2016

*(I mean, happily resolved for Banshee, which... may be asking a bit much. But still!)
posted by TwoStride at 10:00 PM on April 1, 2016

I'm so not ready for this. I'm way behind on my viewing habits as it stands. I wish they could have held off until the summer slowdown. On top of that, I'm not wildly optimistic about what I've heard, and can't say I'm looking forward to Eliza Dushku, as I prefer more unknown actors on this series. But if/when I get a chance to catch up, I'll try to comment, just so there's another body contributing. Thanks for starting the thread and posting the show.
posted by sardonyx at 10:00 PM on April 1, 2016

Yes, I have grave concerns about Dushku, who seemed wooden and terrible even in the like 5 seconds she had in previews they've been running.
posted by TwoStride at 10:01 PM on April 1, 2016

I thought they were going to go all final season of Breaking Bad when they started with that time jump. Kind of relieved it was more of a reshuffling than a mystery.

I'm not sure about introducing a serial killer. Unless it's Proctor's bow-tied henchman finally going around the bend.

I want Job back so much.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 6:13 AM on April 2, 2016

Killing off Rebekah was disappointing. But then there was the way they kept flashing to her corpse. I can see an argument that was problematic/exploitive. But I think the intent was to show they don't take it lightly at all. She wasn't a morbid sex object frozen in time with a little blood. She was a puffy distorted corpse. The way they insisted you confront that over and over was grim and unflinching and made clear that this would be a major driver of this season.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 6:17 AM on April 2, 2016

Still not really behind that, but I can track their intent at least.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 6:21 AM on April 2, 2016

I don't think it's bowtie dude--he had too much of a crush on Rebecca to leave her like that.

I'm betting it'll be the Nazi-deputy's Nazi brother.
posted by TwoStride at 8:19 AM on April 2, 2016

I have an outside speculation that Rebecca's killing is a copycat and not actually the same killer as the other women.

Also, Job was surprisingly ripped for being stuck in some sort of solitary black site prison, so I guess they must let him exercise in his non-torture time.
posted by tautological at 2:26 PM on April 10, 2016


I could watch several seasons of Carrie as a vigilante.

It was nice to get the backstory behind Rebecca's beef with the meth hillbillies. I was this close to rewatching old stuff to see if I'd missed anything.

The scythe to the hand bit was goddamn brutal.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 2:08 PM on April 11, 2016 [1 favorite]

Eeeeeeeeeeee JOB!

And I. Love. Sugar. And Fat Au! Saving and planning FTW!

I'm hoping that's the last we see of Cherry/Jennifer and Proctor's creepy-sad search for a replacement.
posted by TwoStride at 7:58 PM on April 15, 2016

Also: am feeling like my enthusiasm is going to dim greatly next week with Dushu's arrival on the scene.
posted by TwoStride at 7:58 PM on April 15, 2016

"It's about motherfucking time."

Also: HOLY SHIT Rebekah was pregnant with Hood's child? WOW.
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It's kind of great that two of the actors who've been taken most for granted on this show are getting the meatiest stuff in the final season. Rebekah and Job's storylines are the heart of the season.
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Yeah.... not super happy with Dushku's character.

Vigilante!Carrie (and her handy informant Bunker) are increasingly ridiculous and absolutely wonderful.
posted by TwoStride at 8:16 PM on April 22, 2016 [1 favorite]

The incongruity of Anastasia/Carrie's taken name in Banshee creates the very real possibility, when combined with her vigilante activities, that someone could yell out (accurately): "OH SHIT, YOU GUYS! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! IT'S CARRIE HOPEWELL!"
posted by DirtyOldTown at 2:02 PM on April 23, 2016

I don't buy the methhead agent.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 2:07 PM on April 23, 2016 [1 favorite]

So does the serial killer dude have some kind of skin condition? Or are those implants intended to convey a demonic look?
posted by DirtyOldTown at 1:07 PM on April 24, 2016

I forgot to add that I'm so disappointed that In Plain Sight's Marshal Marshall left the service to become a serial killer.

And yeah, I think that he's going for demonic horns with his forehead look.
posted by TwoStride at 7:12 PM on April 29, 2016

Agent Dawson zeroed in on Hood's non-cop mentality, prison habits, and criminal tendencies a little quickly. She also specifically said she uses drugs and sex to convince marks that she's outside the law and on their side. And we know for a fact from the phony dead husband story, she is willing to lie to ensnare people.

Maybe she knows exactly who Hood is, or at the very least, has sniffed out he is a collar very much worth getting, and this is her long con to nail him for good.

This episode was legitimately nerve-wracking because if there is a show on all of television that would kill the hero's primary love interest, their daughter, his best friend, and/or his most respected peer in a single episode, surely that show is Banshee with only two eps left.

No one is safe.
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I'm at least happy to see Job on his way back, a little more snark each time! If he doesn't survive the season I will be very, very angry!

I dislike everything about Dawson's character and normally wouldn't mind that she got nabbed by Satan Horns, but seriously, the dwindling amount of time between Lucas having sex with a woman and that woman being marked for death is getting pretty ludicrous.
posted by TwoStride at 6:22 PM on May 7, 2016

On the one hand: yay Job is all the way back!!

On the other hand, this episode was completely incoherent, plot-wise. It offered a bunch of individually satisfying scenes, but it really felt like the writers were all, "shit, only one episode after this so let's wrap up some plot points in no particular order."
posted by TwoStride at 9:05 AM on May 14, 2016

Holy shit. That 360 pan away from and back to the action as bowtie killed the Nazis. Wow.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 7:23 PM on May 16, 2016

Bummer they didn't hold he shot of Calvin walking down the cubicle aisle or longer. It was a beaut.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 7:28 PM on May 16, 2016

Holy shit, Job's revenge. Wow.

Also, nice to see him fabulous again.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 10:42 AM on May 17, 2016

That was the kind of finale we would have considered good before the Golden Age of TV. It didn't sew together the entire serial of the show in a thesis-stating kind of way, like some of the grand finales of the last decade. Instead, it closed out a more scattershot, less unified show by serving up one last batch of scenes and stories that left everyone pretty much where it felt they should end up. It was well done and there was fan service galore. But it didn't have the resounding satisfaction of seeing a grand scheme come together at last.

B- for me. I'm happy but not at all wowed.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:28 PM on May 20, 2016

On a gloating tip, I called both Burton as Rebecca's killer and Dawson knowing exactly who Hood was.

It was true to the show that we never got his real name but it was still a bummer.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:31 PM on May 20, 2016 [1 favorite]

Yes, good call DOT!

I cannot believe they didn't give us Lucas's name--I totally thought it was going to come when he said "Bye, Anna" to Carrie...
posted by TwoStride at 7:00 PM on May 27, 2016

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