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Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con and master thief assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff where he continues his criminal activities. His past seems to haunt him by those he betrayed...


Banshee: Season 4 (All Episodes)  Season 4 (Full Season)

A succession of people getting punched right in the goddamned face.
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Banshee: We All Pay Eventually  Season 3, Episode 10

Proctor, Burton, and Rebecca form a posse. Gordon and Hood form a posse. You won't believe what happens next. [more inside]
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Banshee: Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You  Season 3, Episode 9

Lucas recalls the history of his friendship with Job, while pondering the future – if there indeed will be one. Proctor and Emily pay the price for Rebecca’s recklessness. Carrie and Gordon pick up the pieces of their shattered relationship. Stowe and Leo land a big fish. Bunker reconnects with his skinhead past. Deva gets a lesson about crime and punishment.
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Banshee: All the Wisdom I Got Left  Season 3, Episode 8

Lucas and Brock head to Louisiana and the infamous Underground fight club in search of Chayton. Stowe pieces together details about the Camp Genoa heist, and who might be responsible. Burton’s torment turns to resolve. Sugar looks to repay an old boxing debt. Rebecca’s initiatives put Proctor and Emily in harm’s way.
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Banshee: You Can't Hide From The Dead  Season 3, Episode 7

Despite Job’s reservations, Lucas and his team pull off a daring heist at Camp Genoa. Lucas and Chayton are haunted by their recent deadly encounter. Calling a truce, Gordon and Carrie attempt an unusual intervention with Deva. Unbeknownst to her uncle, Rebecca heads to Philly to work out a deal with a spurned Proctor client.
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Banshee: We Were All Someone Else Yesterday  Season 3, Episode 6

Reduced to the status of observer as the FBI plans a raid on the Redbone wilderness compound, Lucas decides to take matters into his own hands in his pursuit of Chayton. Still stung by Proctor’s rebuke over her initiative in dealing with the Black Beards, Rebecca is further chagrined to learn of her uncle’s burgeoning romance with Emily. Deva is drawn to a handsome stranger.
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Banshee: Tribal  Season 3, Episode 5

All hell breaks loose as Chayton and an army of Redbones invade Banshee, looking to avenge Tommy’s death. Holed up in the Cadi with Lucas and his deputies, Proctor is frustrated by his inability to attend to his ailing mother at home. As the assault reaches a fever pitch, Bunker tries to prove to Medding that he’s not the man he used to be.
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Banshee: Real Life is the Nightmare  Season 3, Episode 4

Burton kills someone. Again. Rebecca kills someone. Again. Carrie kicks someone's ass. Again. Hood gets his ass kicked. Again.
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Banshee: A Fixer of Sorts  Season 3, Episode 3

Lucas' secret is threatened. Tommy Littlestone organizes a second strike against Proctor.
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Banshee: The Fire Trials  Season 3, Episode 1

Carrie faces backlash in the wake of her revelation about her past. Lucas faces a new threat.
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