The Amazing Race: Let the Good Times Roll
April 3, 2016 2:14 PM - Season 28, Episode 6 - Subscribe

7 pairs of Social Media stars race from France to Armenia on a race around the world.

This episode started with more dumb showmance chatter. It featured a final spectacular sunrise view of Mt. Blanc, a lot of awesome monuments & statuary in Armenia, gorgeous woven and embroidered fabrics everywhere, musicians and sabre dancers and awesome instruments, Mt Ararat, and a gorgeous ancient Temple.

There was lots of screen time for the vacuum cleaner man because of a sheer lack of attention paid to other teams during a search, running up stairs, the choice of making rugs or bread, a delightful judge who alternately yells at and laughs at the racers, party busses, cabbies playing backgammon and cards (and later driving Ladas!), changing oil at the top of a mountain, and an express pass as a prize.

Oh, everyone is still racing.

On a side note, the frisbee dudes were shown actually asking people’s names and totally charmed the delightful bread judge, Martina.

The Amazing Race was renewed for another season. Let’s hope it’s not another stunt one. Unless they’re all birders, and the race keeps getting interrupted when they see new birds.
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I was happy it was a non-elimination round because that guy's mom is responsible for getting them this far, and I'd hate to see them out because she confused righty-tighty and lefty-loosey.

A surprisingly late appearance by the Express Pass ... And it has to be used relatively quickly. At least they didn't award two so that everyone had to suck up in the hopes of getting it. I prefer my TAR without any Survivoresque elements.
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Just how long does it take someone to realize they might be trying to turn something the wrong way? Once one or two other teams complete the task while you're still trying to loosen a damned oil filter, you'd think you'd try twisting it the other direction at least once.
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you'd think you'd try twisting it the other direction at least once.

IKR?!?!? But I could smell the non-elimination coming from a mile away this week.

And they REALLY REALLY need to shut up about #Blodie.

Martina the bread lady sure seemed pleased to give many hugs to the boys, even after they were walking away. And a couple of those ladies on the party buses were ready to get down and get funky. I guess Armenia is a pretty wild and swinging kind of place!
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