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April 3, 2016 1:47 PM - Season 4, Episode 17 - Subscribe

The Bug-Eyed Bandit escapes from jail and turns up at Palmer Tech threatening to kill everyone in the building unless she gets the bio-chip that was implanted in Felicity's spine.
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So were Damian Dahrk's fighting abilities magical, too? Because from a dude who fought the Green Arrow to a standstill, ninja-style, it seemed weird for him to get hi ass handed to him by a coupla jamokes in prison.
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I note for the record that the most enjoyable episode since winter break featured a villain from The Flash and dispensed with the big bad for a regular ol' superhero vs. supervillain story.

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Are they going to spur Curtis into superherodom by fridging his husband?
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And on Damien Dahrk's fighting skills, wasn't he Ra's al Ghul's "unfinished business"/former competitor to the "Ra's Throne?" If so, wouldn't that have made Damien a former Assassin? So how the heck was he pummelled so easily?
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I just double-checked, and Dahrk was a former Assassin as well as an 'heir to the demon'.

So the only way that prison scene makes any sense is if he allowed it to play out like that for some deeper plan.
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I assumed he was taking the beating because he wants to seem like an innocent, model prisoner as far as the wardens/guards are concerned. The guards ran over pretty quickly, and Dahrk's smart enough to have known they were nearby.

It is so nice to see someone who is actually excited by the superhero stuff and thinks its cool. Naturally Ollie had to come shit all over that, but man. I hope Curtis manages to finagle his way into the next Flash/Supergirl crossover and they can all be joyful and nerdy and goofy together.
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Best part of the episode was Felcity's mom saying out loud, "You would think we would have thought of this fifteen minutes ago."
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I didn't much mind Darkh's fighting incompetence since it seems like he's still trying to lean on his now-gone magic. If we're to buy that he's had this super mojo for a while I can accept that he'd have let his fighting skills without it atrophy. I am more troubled by seeing him continue to try to use it and seem confused it's gone. It's been at least a few weeks. You should look annoyed at yourself for forgetting, not surprised it's gone.
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Best part of the episode was Felcity's mom saying out loud, "You would think we would have thought of this fifteen minutes ago."

Pretty sure it was also her who said something about "these assaults happen weekly!"
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There are so many good lines in this episode.
* Oliver read some Harry Potter books and has no idea there are movies.
* Captain Lance: "This is my life now."
* Felicity's mom getting smart enough to remove her shoes at times and then dumb enough to put them back on. Girl, this ain't Vegas, you need flats! (This goes for you too, Felicity in your purple heels.)
* Curtis's nerd joy at becoming the new Felicity. Seriously, he's her black gay soulmate.
* Making use of the Canary Cry...i.e. Mariah Carey-ing.
* Shouldn't you have thought about that fifteen minutes ago? Excuse me, I was trying not to DIE.
* "Okay, who wants to go on a secret elevator ride to the panic room?"
* "Why not an obsession with flying squirrels?"
* Oliver passing thousands of microscopic larvae in a few days. "Can't wait."
* "Curtis, now is not the time for high fives." You gotta celebrate the wins when they come....I agree with him, actually.
* "Any bags of kittens you want to throw down the river?"
* "We just took down a bad beeyotch tonight."

Point of logic: how did bee girl expect Felicity to extract the bio-doodad out of her own spine with no medical assistance, not being a doctor, and not being able to see her own back? In ten minutes?
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