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We should have done this long ago: a book-included full season thread that readers of The Walking Dead comic can drop into for potentially spoilerrific digressions.
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Can someone remind me who the guys are dressed like they're going to play Lazer Tag on horseback? I am almost positive they're in the comics, but I can't remember exactly who they were or if their first appearance was in any way similar to how it was handled on the show.
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Also, has anyone done the math on how long the Negan storyline played out in the comics, how fast this show goes through the source material, and whether that might mean Negan could run more than one season on the show?
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The main Negan story in the comics ran from around issue 100 where we first meet him and Lucille, to issue 126 where they finally defeat him. If we assumed a 1:1 comic to show ratio, they could drag it out to 1.5 seasons. Seeing as we've already had a half season of Negan buildup - and I use buildup very, very loosely - I expect it to wrap up at the end of S7.

Who am I kidding? It'll wrap up S8E1.

The armored guys on the horses are almost definitely from the Kingdom. Run by Ezekiel and his tiger. I can't recall if they were introduced in the comics this way.

I also assume that Jesus knew about the Kingdom and that was part of his, "your world is about to get a whole lot bigger." (These guys had spears from the Hilltop, very little chance he didn't know about them.) But they haven't given us anything more about that.
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THAT'S RIGHT, yeah. The Kingdom. I forgot that was how their sentries were outfitted.

I do worry that yeah, the Negan thing will drag on until we all hate the universe.
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For an appropriate comparison, how long did the Governor thing drag out in the comic? We got about a full season of Woodbury, followed by another half-season of backstory/epilogue before the Prison finally fell.
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A quick check of the wiki shows the Governor's story ran from around issue 25 to issue 48. So a little less than Negan.

However, from what I can recall, the show added a ton of original stuff in a hail mary attempt at making the Governor sympathetic before his ultimate demise. His back story actually plays out in a series of dreadfully written novels.
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2ht, I don't think calling those novels "dreadfully written" actually captures the full extent of just how dreadfully written they were. It would take someone with a weapons-grade thesaurus to accurately describe those books. Just thinking about their existence has caused the onset of a malaise that shall not leave me for weeks.
I received two of them with a bottle of whiskey from my wife and son for a birthday. Whiskey usually makes me happy.Not this time.
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Negan does "eeny meany miney moe" and includes the "catch a tiger by the toe" part (which when I was a kid, was not always included except for super tough choices). Anyway, I think the tiger mention is some really hamfisted foreshadowing of the Kingdom's tiger.
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I really and truly hope they keep the weird connection Negan and Carl have, beginning from him realizing how fucked-up Carl's missing eye is and being straight-up impressed that Carl still gives zero fucks, to Carl's attempted machine gun assassination, which Negan basically responds to with "Look at you, little badass!" to Negan taking Carl in with him for a bit, etc.

I could probably do without them keeping Negan alive in Alexandria in the jail cell more or less indefinitely, but even that had the weirdly compelling aspect of him giving Carl sleazy-uncle grade advice on girls and life.
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Though by the time this fucking show gets around to the bit where Negan would be in the cell, Chandler Riggs will be a grown-ass man with male pattern baldness.
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So, normal Walking Dead episodes are about 42 minutes long, plus 16 minutes of commercials. This was 64 minutes long, with 26 minutes of commercials. We gained 24 minutes of show for a gain of 10 minutes of commercial break. Just in case you weren't feeling swindled by the whole thing already.
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The armored guys on the horses are almost definitely from the Kingdom. Run by Ezekiel and his tiger. I can't recall if they were introduced in the comics this way.

This actually brings up one of the only things I'm curious about with regard to the future of this horrible, useless show:

Are they seriously going to do Ezekiel and the tiger? Because... no, wait, they'll still make it horrible and boring. However, I would be amused by the reaction of TV-only people to that development.
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Can someone explain why Maggie cut her hair? It seemed to have a lot of import but I can't figure out why.
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I'm sure someone can come up with some pseudo-literary, character growth BS about Maggie's haircut, but my take is it's the writers effin' with the fans. It happened like this...

All the comic fans knew Negan was coming, and that Glenn was going to meet Lucille. There was a long buildup toward Negan, so even non comic readers and casual fans knew someone was going to die horrifically. Either they assumed it, because it always happens when we meet a knew baddie, or they weren't able to stay away from spoilers. So the writers set out to make everyone a possibility for meeting their demise. Read back through discussion threads and entertainment news articles for this season and you'll find a myriad of different names being thrown around.

Glenn is going to die because he lost his innocence when he killed his first human.

It'll be Michonne now that she's slept with Rick.

Eugene/Gabriel has made a complete turnaround and is now a total BA, he's going to die.

Abraham has decided he wants kids. That spells the end for him.

Carol is beginning to question herself, she's gotta go.

Everything that happened this season was written to throw confusion into the mix so that no one knows who Negan is going to kill. All of that leads directly and perfectly into the cliffhanger ending. The whole thing is driven not by good story or the desire to create a compelling horrow show, but it is a gigantic PR hype machine interested only in articles, clicks, and viewers.

Which leads us back to Maggie. Haircuts and beard changes have long fueled fan ruminations about a character's fate. Whether it's Kit Harrington with Game of Thrones, or Andrew Lincoln shaving the beard, or Michael Traynor celebrating a particular episode with a haircut. A new look is a symbol of change, often indicating character growth or the completion of a story arc.

So in Maggie's case, it is one more misdirect thrown by the writer's to make us question who is on the receiving end of Lucille's bite when we get to the conclusion of that scene in episode 11 of next season.

(Yep. That makes much more sense than an actress wanting a new hairstyle.)
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When season 7 airs and you first see Enid again on your teevee screens, just remember this comment.
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