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While the crew is viewing a wormhole, Moya is suddenly hit by a large, toxic space plant. The crew must find a way to kill the plant before it kills Moya. Aeryn tells Chiana a secret about her pregnancy, and asks her to keep it secret.[via]
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I think my favorite part of the episode was our resident third eye poking Rygel when John called for volunteers to replace Aeryn by Pilot's side.

This is a rough one for the Aeryn/John storyline. I want them together. We all want them together, but they're being annoyingly real and human, with John now being the guy to say, "Look, unless you get your crap together, I can't be with you..."

I remember originally being kind of disappointed John wasn't elected captain, but this time around it didn't bother me that much. What's odd is that John still pretty much remains the go to figure for things anyways.
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Somthing that has always bothered me about this episode is the talk John and Aeryn have about the pregnancy. I have a couple of theories: Since Aeryn didn’t sign up to be on the “breeding roster,” I’m assuming that Peacekeepers put contraception in the food or administer it monthly or something. So, once Aeryn is no longer a Peacekeeper, she wouldn’t be on birth control anymore. I think she suspects that it is John’s baby since she hadn’t signed up to be pregnant before that. (I can’t see too many unplanned pregnancies happening with Peacekeepers.)

My next theory is that John and Aeryn have been "together" for most of Season 2 (see the cuddling at the end of "Mind the Baby," the playfulness at the end of "Out of Their Minds," and after the result of the kiss test at the end "Look at the Princess" trilogy, I'm pretty sure they were together). I also think that they decided to go ahead and have sex at the end of "Suns and Lovers," and then of course, there is the whole Black-T Crichton on Talyn time.

My questions are about the timeline, plus the conversation that John and D'Argo have. First, how much time has elapsed since destroying the Command Carrier? I'm assuming close to 6 months, so wouldn't John think Aeryn should be showing, even a little? Maybe John assumes alien physiology is really different...And then, D'Argo tells John, "Aeryn's not sure if it is John Crichton's," meaning neither Green-T nor Black-T, and John answers that the thought had crossed his mind. So, is he thinking Crais? He would be the only other guy with her on Talyn (well, I guess there is Stark). But, when Aeryn says she's not sure who the father is, John assumes she means it is Talyn John's, but she says no, there is no distinction in her mind anymore. So, confusing.

Also, the comment about "Getting her story straight," I think is more about what she wants with John in the future. John isn't even sure at this point if she would've come back if she wasn't sick. Or, if she was going to tell him about the pregnancy. (I think Noranti knew that Aeryn was pregnant because she was working in the medical part of the command carrier when Aeryn found out that she was pregnant, and being Noranti, didn’t mind her own business.) John wants to know that Aeryn wanted to come back to him and have a future with him. As much as I love Aeryn, I’m actually glad that John spoke up and talked about trust. And how he got good at waiting. He has always been waiting for her, and now he wants to know if there is a reason, a point, to his waiting. I like that he shifts the dynamic in their relationship a little to make it more balanced.
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