The Magicians: Thirty-Nine Graves   Show Only 
April 6, 2016 5:43 AM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The students wake up with foggy memories and regret after a night of drinking; Penny reminds everyone that their lives depend on getting to the Neitherlands.

*Quentin learns from the Dean (after slipping him a truth serum) that they are all in a time loop spell that Jane Chatwin/Eliza cast, and that he has been killed by the Beast 39 times.
*Quentin and Julia figure out how to get to Fillory via following Jane in WWII London.
*Penny, Alice, Eliot, & Margo meet a survivor of the missing Brakebills Class of '16 in the Neitherlands.
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(The AV Club recap is very book-to-show-comparison oriented, if anyone knows of another site/writer doing them from a show-only perspective please link it.)

Really enjoyed this episode. This is probably the first time in the season that I could actually see that Quentin & Julia used to be real friends. And I was not expecting the Groundhog Day spell. Poor Dean - does he get blinded in every loop? Or was he assuming he'd get another reset after the Beast killed Quentin for lucky #40? (I kind of love his "I am so done with you fucking students" attitude. NowI want to rewatch all of his scenes to see if they play differently.
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TV Fanatic has a good book-free review, and pulls some great quotes from the episode.

Quentin: I never thought I'd say this, but thank god for Hitler.
Julia: Yeah, no, that still sounds bad.

The Workprint also keeps to show-only, with one mention that the Librarian's "mix-up" with calling Margo Janet was actually a nod to the books, where that's her name. That review also draws the connection to the time loops and the Librarian's familiarity with them all, which I missed.
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I feel like "acid carrots" are the Neitherland's "cucumber water."

This was the best episode since the first two, I think.
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People were pretty down on the threesome, but I liked it. As a weird fucked up mess, Quentin/Margo/Eliot is fun. It didn't really make sense how Quentin decided Eliot was his friend earlier in the season. Eliot presented as his orientation leader, not friend, but in the next scene that's how the relationship was being understood, without anything in the middle. Especially given how much of a dweeb Quentin is, versus Eliot and Margo's self-consciously glamorous stylings, I didn't get where it was coming from. As a threesome, it makes it a weird, sublimated way for Margo and Eliot to have sex with each other, despite the orientation problems, and a big splashy mess of fucked-upness all around.

It's a lot more interesting than Quentin/Alice, who neither bring out the best in each other nor play off each other in interesting ways. Penny/Alice is also more interesting than Quentin/Alice, and I loved the scene of them negotiating their friendship in the aftermath of hooking up.

On another note entirely, there's an interesting parallel feel to the librarian and the godess's servant that Julia met. They both have rules, and a particular domain, and can remove you from their domain with a wave of their hand. They seem like a similar class of entity.
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