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March 29, 2016 5:59 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The old traveler takes aim. Julia finds her faith. Quentin gets screwed. Alice gets screwed.
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Don't you kids have class or something? Is Brakebills even a school anymore?
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I dunno, ditching class to hang around drinking jives pretty well with my experience of college.
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I mean, i didnt assume that they had magically solved the issue of excrement just because we never see them go to the bathroom.
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They go to classes enough that they saw the possibility of them being killed by The Beast in one of their classes, so there's that.
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To me the threesome seemed to come from nowhere even with the intense emotional and drunken quality the potion seems to have. I just never felt like there was an attraction between Q and Margot. And the sudden issue with Alice seemed to kind of come out of nowhere to push the threesome forward. It just didn't feel organic.

The "cheaters" vs "workers" dichotomy is interesting. Alice and Penny are willing to work to do battle magic without the potion while Eliot, Margot, and Q give up and go back to the potion with the side effects. Q's whiny "Not all of us are you, Alice," really grated me. This is the first episode I really disliked Q the entire time.

I actually liked the llamia.
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I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but - has anyone encountered this show anywhere (or specifically this episode) with uncensored audio?

I'd love to make a (personal use) ring-tone of QC's emotionless "Well then, shall we fuck some shit up?"
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This is about a year late, but I'm watching the series on netflix right now and it's uncensored.

I'm also not sure where the threesome came from. I was cringing when they were in bed talking because I figured it would lead to something like that. But ugh, so unnecessarily dramatic.
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