Defiance: Bottom of the World
August 22, 2014 8:30 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Several plot points come to a head during a visit to the mine.

Amanda and Pottinger get trapped in a deadly mine collapse set by Rafe's son (who frames him for the collapse). Meanwhile, Alack asks Christy's forgiveness for his behavior (omitting the cheating), while Treasure Doll makes it clear she won't give up without a fight. Stahma observes this and asks for Datak's help in dealing with Treasure Doll. Datak agrees to help at the "price" of reconciliation, which Stahma deems too high and decides to deal with the situation on her own.

Irisa sets into motion things with the mine using a terrasphere.
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I guess I'm the only one watching....sniffle
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Not the only one! I've just been busy catching up on other shows, phew! I still need to watch the other episode that aired with Bottom of the World. (I'll post it tomorrow if I can watch it tonight)

The big question is what did Pottinger reveal to Amanda on the brink of death before Nolan came to the rescue. Did he tell her about the Kenya plot? I can't believe it. At best, it's something to do with the fate of Defiance or the Earth Republic. That's my theory.

Ah, geez, Alak. Whenever anyone says, "Clean slate!" You need to tell them EVERYTHING or whatever it is you didn't tell them will come back to haunt you. I reckon that must be the next episode, given that it's going to be a Deirdre focused episode (okay, I saw the very first couple minutes - the first step is a doozy, Treasure Doll!)

I feel sorry for Rafe. He just doesn't have a very smart son, yet, he loves him. I forgot that Linda Hamilton was joining the cast and about whooped out loud when she jumped off the truck. Woot! It's interesting in that scene as she seems to admit that Rafe was right to get rid of her to protect the kids.

Stahma/Datak. It seems like they keep teasing the eventual "reconciliation" which, as we learned the other episode back, would come at the cost of ticking off the crew. I do like how Datak was released expressly to keep Doc Ywell safe, and yet, when she vanishes, you would think his probation/parole would somehow be jeopardized or cut short. The E-Republic doesn't seem that worried about the guy who gutted their prized commanding officer from last season.

Irisa. Manipulates good Tommy and then zombie pukes whatever into his mouth. He recovered a lot quicker than everyone else, but they needed him in the shot of folks watching all those people get sucked up into the egg things (living batteries?) for the alien ship under Defiance.

I do think I've been enjoying this season more than the last, even with the weird ArkRise subplot thingy...which has been appropriately frustratingly unclear as to what the consequences are of Ark Rise.
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I'm watching!!!

Making my way through a backlog as I just noticed Season 3 is out.

This episode certainly set things in motion, but I must admit I saw the mine collapse before it happened, predicted at least one death and some kissin' (Gawd there's a bunch of that...). So as yet I'm just waiting for it to break out of its formulae, and do something with aliens who look too inexcusably human.
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