Defiance: Painted From Memory
August 14, 2014 10:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Nolan and Tommy have an altercation. Doc Yewll and Kenya have an altercation. Stahma and Amanda have an altercation. Kenya and the mayor have an altercation. We find out more about Christy's family, but nothing more about her (colour me heartbroken). Irissa plans an altercation. Stahma and Datak play 'wake the dead.'
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Oh, Tommy. You're just a punchline, aren't you? The filming on that punch was terrible. Is that what they call 'bad blocking?' Even without rewind I could tell the punch didn't connect with Nolan's face. Also that scene looked really weird, like it was filmed differently somehow. 

The dialogue for that scene was very unoriginal. I've literally heard Nolan's exact speech in other shows: Yes, you'll rise to the bait, you hit like a girl, first punch is free, etc. Not good.

I'm glad NuKenya was wearing that godawful wig for a purpose. I'd bet they had to reshoot the bed scene with her sister, at least once, because it came off when it was being brushed. Although in a ponytail (the flashback), it didn't look like a wig. I liked that NuKenya went off to be her own person. The question of what makes a person beyond their memories was an oldie but a goodie. The show's answer seems to be dna will out (or we'll table this for now and get back to you).

Oh, Stahma. Chin up. Fortitude. I still love your murdering, conniving ways. ‎You did no wrong here.

Where is Doc Yewll being housed? Was it just an abandoned building? I have a hard time believing the mayor did all that for a shag. Much too convoluted. ‎

As for Alak's troublemaker GF/DJ. I know she was trying to get Stahma's attention but I'm wondering if she was also lying about turning in the money. That seems like it would be her style, trying to get turn Alak against his mother.
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Stahma's expression and turn of phrase about how creative Alak is to hire a PROSTITUTE to DJ seemed to broadcast "I'm onto you, sister" but the look on her face, while thoughtful, was veiled. Maybe even she isn't sure yet how this could play out, how she can use Alak's bit on the side to her advantage, but Rafe is in the house and Christy is pregnant making the family alliance currently of higher value than some random DJ/prostitute's social climbing.

But "Treasure Doll" better watch herself. Alak and Christy are naive. Stahma is not. And if Treasure Doll thinks she can manipulate Stahma, there is going to be some serious trouble. (I am SO down for that especially after having to watch Stahma revert to being so fragile this episode.)
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Where is Doc Yewll being housed? Was it just an abandoned building? I have a hard time believing the mayor did all that for a shag. Much too convoluted. ‎

It's the St. Louis Union Station, which I presume means that they've taken her down into "old" St. Louis which was covered over during the quasi-terra forming. We went down and visited it briefly in an episode in season one (the old St. Louis area), and I think that's where Nolan and Rafe shared an anecdote about toasted ravioli or something.

The way Stahma came unhinged was nearly out of character if it wasn't for the fact that she was literally being kissed by someone she had most assuredly murdered. I enjoyed her and Datak's trip to the lavender field and the exchange they had, "Don't tell me I murdered her for nothing!" I wonder if Datak was serious about it or just messing with her head, as at the time, he seemed ready to kill Stahma, herself, over the affair.

Irisa - well then, two minutes and that's that. I guess we get to find out what she's been up to in the season finale. I appreciated how Nolan reduced his helicopter parenting.

Doc Ywell, dang, that was an enjoyable moment as she kind of frantically attempted to fry NuKenya's (I like that name!) brains in a chemical lobotomy. The wig also was driving me crazy. I presume since we know she's on her way to San Francisco (one of the rare locations without a new name or a "New" in front of it), she will find the person that Ywell know's and get an extension on life beyond the three or so months. She will be back! She did run into the "Cylon problem" as I call it, from BSG. In BSG, when one of the humans discovered they were cylon, some immediately just went, "Welp, I guess I'm cylon, might as well do what cylons do, etc..." In this instance, I thought when she snapped Amanda's wrist, it was as if she had somehow identified with the Indogene (sp?) identity already, despite having no memories, feelings or any other idea that she was such a race with the exception of seeing the skin and being told she was. Yet, for all intents and purposes, she was still old Kenya. It just bothered me in that regard.

Nolan and Tommy, Tommy and Nolan. It was a repeat of a typical Nolan commentary, and it's odd. Nolan is all types of considerate with NuKenya about his relationship with Amanda, but when Tommy irks him by not responding as a good ol' deputy, Nolan pretty much drops the maturity of the earlier moment for a chance to antagonize Tommy with his relationship with Berlin.

No Atherton, I noticed the absence...perhaps we've been spoiled on him. He has to be back!

As for the mayor and his plans for Amanda, all I can think of is that he saw it as a way to permanently make Amanda his. Long term plans!
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That quick shift to Indogene bothered me as well, Atreides. As if she came preprogrammed with an idea of how Indogenes behave. Or maybe the entire time she was trying to be Kenya she was fighting Indogene urges? But they never showed that, if so.
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"Nolan" is the host of The Amazing Race: Australia vs New Zealand. Pretty funny.
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Okay, that is pretty dang funny. He should randomly goad the winners of each round into hitting him, then tell them he deserved it, but next time he'd return the favor.
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"Nolan" was also on True Blood as a v-addicted vampire who helps abduct Bill.
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Having finally gotten around to seeing the episode...

DEAR MR. MAYOR. IT CAN'T BE THIS HARD TO ASK A GIRL OUT. Just sack up and say, "Amanda, I find you very attractive. Would you go on a date with me? How about dinner?" None of this resurrecting a dead sister in order to get her gratitude pussy first crappity.
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I suppose the Mayor's perspective is that he wants all of Amanda, and an Amanda that is held back by the death of her sister, is one that will never fully commit to him (or his control?). It's go all in or don't go at all.

We've been reminded a number of times that the Mayor suffered, or allegedly suffered, terrible things as a boy/young man. There would appear to be a major need to be liked, perhaps on display by his obsession with appearance and promoting an image (hence bringing Berlin with him to Defiance).

Though, when he seemed credulously shocked that Amanda didn't appreciate his chained wrapped Tarr gift, one might also observe he's just crazy.
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