Broad City: Burning Bridges
April 7, 2016 9:33 AM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Ilana's parents come to the city for their 30th anniversary, but Abbi and Ilana find it hard to celebrate while they are both experiencing relationship issues.
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How did this show earn fucking tears from me? It's not supposed to do that!
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This was one of the best episodes of the whole series.
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So good. It started to get into a serious Three's Company situation there at the restaurant but they put a unique spin on it and made it very, very funny.
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This was wonderful and definitely what the whole season had been moving toward. Abbi and Ilana are growing up. And maybe that means they're growing in ways that changes them and who they are with each other. It was heartbreaking and not something I expected from this show.

Paul W. Downs was so sweet as Trey. I've always liked the depth he brought to his character -- and I think for a long time on this show, we just saw him through Abbi's eyes. But on this episode, I think Trey got to be himself and I think Abbi saw he was an actual person and not just a "character" in her life.

And I think, similarly, Ilana realized that about Lincoln.

I guess ... I remember being in my mid-20s and feeling like I was the heroine in the indie movie of my life or whatever. It was fun, but it was also like other people were just "characters" that revolved around me. I don't think I felt like I was self-centered or that it was "all about me" to the detriment of others. I just didn't quite have the capacity to look that far outside myself.

Abbi and Ilana are so close I think it's been easy for them to forget that there are people outside of the two of them -- people like Lincoln and Trey are just supporting characters in their lives (and yes, on the show, obviously). On this episode, I think they both realized these two men didn't just exist for their own pleasure and entertainment. They were people.

That's pretty serious stuff for a show that's so funny and lighthearted most of the time. I've always related to what Broad City has said about being in your mid-20s and everything feels like an adventure. But at some point, that does stop. I think it's a beautiful thing they're dealing with that.
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That was definitely the least that I've ever hated Bevers.
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Ilana's cry-face was just so perfect!

"Madonna, Rihanna, Ilana. Madonna, Rihana, Ilana."
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That was definitely the least that I've ever hated Bevers.

We're eventually going to learn that there was never actually any Melanie and that Abbi and Bevers were friends all along, right?
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Good episode. Amidst everything else going on, Trey mentions that he has twin sisters who pretend to be the same person, working as a teacher.
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