Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Why Is Josh in a Bad Mood?
April 11, 2016 9:39 PM - Season 1, Episode 17 - Subscribe

Rebecca and Greg start hooking up and it makes everyone else feel many different things.

In the midst of their sex-all-the-time-phase Rebecca and Greg try and navigate what they are in their relationship now. Rebecca takes the mature road and wants to discuss things but Greg wants to live in happy bliss time without considering where things stand anymore. This leads to lots of fretting.

Rebecca searches for something that she can do without Paula that isn't making outrageous plans to get next to Josh and fortunately there's an annual pie contest they can do. In a reversal of formula its Rebecca pushing Paula into illegal plans and, in an ultimate affirmation of the Bechdel test, they decide they can be friends without it being about boys all the time.

Everyone is slowly realizing that Rebecca and Paula are getting it on, which they all have different opinions on. Josh is still subconsciously hung up. Heather is mad about it maybe, unless it's love, then she's not? Hector is also skeptical of the whole thing. Paula doesn't know about it. Until the end when Rebecca has to go to the hospital and everything is revealed. And then she's super dismissive of Greg. It's like everyone on this show is a Josh/Rebecca shipper.


* For as long as Greg was pining after Rebecca he sure is quick to not talk about what he wants from that relationship. And Josh still liking Rebecca even though he needs to leave those feelings behind is such an annoying "let's maximize the drama" move that it eats at me.

* I thought that Oxytocin imprinting business was bogus? Or is it just that certain politically-driven people misuse that chemical for pushing conservative agendas?

* Rebecca's faces were on point tonight. After Paula says "you know how horny I am," or after Greg tries to get her to sing along or at the end in the hospital bed.

* Rebecca has the same very specific shower curtains as Abbi from Broad City ().
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"Angry Mad" isn't on YouTube and it's the greatest tragedy in all of recorded time.
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I am pretty sure the oxytocin thing is indeed bogus, but I'll buy that a Psych 3 class at a community college in eastern LA County teaches it anyway.

As someone who suffers from recurrent UTIs, Greg's song (and that whole story line, tbh) was physically uncomfortable to watch. Yikes. I guess the writers are nailing the "Greg is deeply deeply unlikable but still weirdly appealing somehow" characterization.

Loved Darryl as the pie contest judge. I kept hoping White Josh would pop up, I hope we get to see more of the two of them soon.
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White Josh was in the preview for next week's season finale. I'm guessing they'll try to fit everybody into that one somehow or other.

The UTI song was cringe-inducingly wonderful. You'd think the word "infection" would have clued him in that this maybe isn't a positive thing, but he just kept going....

(Also, I think Rebecca and Greg continuing to copulate like rabbits despite an untreated UTI might be the most suspension-of-disbelief-breaking thing that's happened so far. Because ow. I'm pretty sure that would not be pleasurable!)
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The ending where Rebecca was trying to dodge Paula super stressed me out and I was really anxious that the episode ended right there! Why you gotta be so real, show?
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That horrified shower realization in "Oh My God, I Think I Like You" was so perfect. Been there, Becks.
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The UTI song in this episode and the Heavy Boobs song in the last episode make me understand why this show might struggle on TV. These numbers seem a little more YouTube funny than TV funny. It reminds me of watching 30 Rock where something really bizarre would happen and I'd ask myself, how is this on TV? Not that I don't enjoy it, I just have a hard time imagining mass appeal.

In other news, Fathet Brah is still the best and I hope he continues to pop up in season 2.
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I liked that the UTI song was apparently happening in reality, in real time, as Rebecca is shaking her head NO about it. Some men will brag about anything.

Father Brah, never change. Wow, did you know some men could turn down sex? Uh.....
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