Underground: Troubled Water
April 14, 2016 8:26 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The runners steal a floating barge. August and Ben follow the runaways into Indian territory. Hawkes finds himself working with a posse to catch a runaway. Tom Macon gets a son, but has to deal with Rev. Willowset, who is pushing more religion into the plantation. Ernestine struggles to maintain control.

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Here's the Vulture recap.

My question is, why haven't the others voted Cato off the island yet? I get that they don't know what he did to Zeke, but calling Rosalee useless right before killing their prisoner for being "useless" -- and scuttling Noah's plan's to make contact with the guys' friend who "helps people like you"... Surely it's pretty clear they can't trust him? And Noah and Rosalee didn't trust him that much in the first place? Why not leave him behind while he's sleeping? Wouldn't they be safer if they did?
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Thanks for posting, didn't get a chance to finish watching the episode until this evening. (Something's wrong with your Vulture link though, I added one to the sidebar)

For Cato, I guess it's partly the 'beggars can't be choosers' principle at work? That they know he's dangerous, but still hope they can use it to their advantage.

Was not expecting Rosalee's reappearance, awesome hero moment. Probably not very realistic though -- would there be a tribe of Seminole warriors in the woods of Georgia in 1857? Wouldn't they have been forced to the west when the plantations took over? And, even if there was still a local tribe, I feel like engaging in a gunfight with white people would bring on the full force of the government to slaughter whatever tribe was left.
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My question is, why haven't the others voted Cato off the island yet?

I think it was Noah talking to Henry about Cato, saying "we need him," but I couldn't recall why when I was watching it. Cato told Noah that they left together or neither got off the plantation, but now that they're off, and he's killed Zeke (who Cato let out of the box, after telling Zeke to not trust Noah but him - I had forgotten that earlier series of events), why stick together?. Maybe it's a bit of keeping your enemies closer? He can't save his own skin by leaving a trail for the slave catchers to find Noah, Henry and Rosalee if he's stuck with them all.

would there be a tribe of Seminole warriors in the woods of Georgia in 1857?

I was wondering about that, too. Here's one vague reference I found that would support the presence of Seminoles in the area: The Seminoles (in Florida*) resisted removal in a series of hard-fought and costly wars from the 1810s to the 1850s. *Their original territory is mapped as being in northern Florida, but that's not too far from Georgia in general.
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