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Jamie helps Claire tend to a sickly child; an entertaining story gives Claire hope for her freedom.
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Houselander! Claire solves medical mysteries in the past, in the nick of time!

In this one I think we finally hear a *good* "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ".

I wonder if the exorcism scene will replace either the scene with Father Bain and the dogs, or the scene with the fairy circle, or perhaps both.

Also interesting that Geillis seems to already have a handle on Claire's situation. In the book, she doesn't start to suspect until...in the pit?
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There's the scene in Geillis' house where she drugs/hypnotizes Claire.
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I agree about the Jesus H Roosevelt Christ, I think she nailed it!

I thought they did a great job weaving new stuff in with book scenes. Jamie and Claire at the old church ruins was great, I especially liked Claire's Germany flub. So glad they kept in the dinner scene where she's making fun of his Laoghaire makeout session. And Jamie totally ignoring Laoghaire at the bard performance was hilarious (and almost, almost made me feel bad for the poor little lass, but I still hiss when she's on screen).
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From one of the comments in the AV Club recap - terrydresbach.com - blog by the Outlander costume designer.
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I was pretty worked up when she started telling Mrs. Fitz the truth in that first scene! Then PHEW, dream sequence.

I cannot take my eyes of Jamie when he's in a scene. I worry that I'm missing other crucial details, just sitting there staring at him.
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Oh, that was the other thing I wanted to comment on/snark about: Rubert and Angus are kind of reminding me of Merry and Pippin.
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Oh god yes, I was ready to rampage with the first Mrs. Fitz scene. I've never been so happy for a scene to have been "all a dream."

I continue to be really pleased with the Jamie/Claire chemistry. Her checking his bandages went down pretty well, I thought.
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Yeah, I was trying to explain the series/book to my mom, and finally I was just like, "Eh, shirtless guy in a kilt, okay?"

What's the deal with the pacing here? This is supposed to be an eight-ep season proceeding into Dragonfly in Amber next season, right? Because they haven't gotten hitched yet, although they did bring in some of the language from later on (substituting the Black Kirk bit with the boys for the changeling part -- Jamie talking about how he's been tutored and all).
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They're actually doing that super annoying thing AMC started with Breaking Bad where they break up a season into two parts but still call it one season. There will be 16 total episodes of Season 1, but we only get 8 right now, with the second half to air sometime next year. I'm thinking they'll probably end the first half of Season 1 with the marriage.
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There are episode titles for the first 8 episodes, looks like the wedding will be episode 7. I heard episode 8 is supposed to end with a cliffhanger that's supposed to be surprising for book readers, but I haven't read anything more spoilery than that.
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Is anyone else reading Roxane Gay's recaps on Vulture? They are pretty great (she hasn't read the books).
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Yes, I'm reading the Vulture recaps, they are fantastic! Jezebel is doing decent recaps, too. I'm actually reading almost all the recaps I can find each week and compiling a weekly recap round-up of the best ones on the Outlander blog Robocop_is_Bleeding and I are doing. Because I am obsessed and spend most of the week reading about Outlander and following Tumblrs about it. I'm going to need the mid-season hiatus to get my life back again.
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That reminds me to go look at your blog! I love the commentary you guys do.
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Oh, also, I don't remember the priest being that much of a jerk in the book, is it just because thousands of pages elapsed since his last appearance so my memory is hazy?
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Yay, thanks!

I don't remember the priest being that much of a jerk, either. I think I kind of remember a scene with the priest and dog attacking Claire? But he was a pretty minor character, iirc. I barely even remember the priest from the Cranesmuir Incident, I thought it was more of a political thing, but I could be wrong.
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The whole thing about Father Bain being a misogynistic woman-phobe wasn't in the book. I guess they need to give him some background to explain his attitude rather than just, "old-days priests were crazy superstitious and grumpy, guys".

There was the scene with the dogs, but he later uses that to turn the crowd against Claire during the trial, so it's pretty important from that perspective. That's why I wonder if this will be used for that purpose. That and maybe this is instead of the fairy-ring scene because it involves a dying child that Claire "interferes with".

banjo_and_the_pork, I know right? I am so invested in this show it's not even funny. My husband saw me watching it for the second time the other day and said, "You watching your obsession again?"
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I thought he was a woman-phobe? Claire offers to look at his leg after the dogs go after him and he does this whole OMG A WOMAN NO WAY ARE YOU DOING THAT FUCK OFF and that's when she says "If you don't let me look at it, it'll fester!" and he uses the later infected wound as evidence of her witchcraft.
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Oh yeah, the priest stuff is coming back to me now. You guys have good memories!

I was talking about the show with my in-laws this weekend and I was only sort of kidding when I said this is among the highlights of my life. Getting married, having a kid.... and finally getting to see Outlander come to life and having it be well done.
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I'm rereading (for, like, the fiftieth time) and trying not to race ahead of the show, so it's all relatively fresh in my head.

Yeah olinerd he says (consulting my ebook) "What, a man o' God to expose his pairsonal parts to the handling of a wumman? Weel, I'll tell ye, madam, I've no notion what sorts of immortality are practised in the circles you're accustomed to move in, but I'll have ye to ken that such'll no be tolerated here--not sae long as I've the cure of the souls in this parish!"

Not as strong as the TV priest's words, but clearly not particularly fond of females. And maybe a wee hint that he thinks Claire is not an upstanding citizen (or at least she's an immoral Englishwoman).
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I don't remember the priest as a book character at all! I bet I've read that book six times, too. Fortunately I have convinced my book club to read it for December so I will be re-reading again shortly.
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