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August 24, 2014 6:29 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Jamie helps Claire tend to a sickly child; an entertaining story gives Claire hope for her freedom.
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Everyone from 1743 is so guarded. Claire is really the only one incapable of guile.

This one seemed a little clumsy and low-budget in places.
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Aaand my very own private Outlander Party 2016 continues:

Oh. Fart humour. Wasn't expecting that. And does this mean Claire's main antagonist will be the village priest, à la Chocolat?

I had been hoping Claire would become friends with the witch woman. (I would actually really love to see evolving friendship between women as a central part of the plot, basically because it never is and it's time for that to change.) I will be bummed out if she turns out to be some kind of double-crossing malicious character in stead. She was nosy now, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything bad, right?

Somehow I was surprised to see Claire still so eager to go back. To me it looked like she was crushing on Jamie more than that, at least enough to cast a little shadow of conflicting emotions. But no, she looked exulted, so I guess not.
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It's funny, sively. I wonder if this will show up in your Recent Activity. I'm having my own private Outlander Party 2019 as it's just shown up on Netflix and reading all these threads as I go!
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