Girls: I Love You Baby
April 18, 2016 12:40 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Season finale. Hannah plans to participate in the Moth Story Slam; Marnie prepares to go on tour with Desi; Shoshanna's idea for Ray's coffee shop takes off; Jessa and Adam argue.
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Hannah ended the season in a much better space than I expected.

Still don't know if it's a good idea for Ray to be back with Marnie, even . I mean, is she actually interested, or it's just way to hit back at Desi? Also, I'm guessing the only way they'll make the Mumford Or son worse is having him getting a blowjob from someone in the Montcrief family during a funeral.

Also, Elijah. More Elijah.
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A great end to the season. I'm glad Hannah seemed to get her act together (for now, at least). I'm also very glad Fran has gone, but I still don't think Hannah and Adam are through yet. I don't think that story has run its course.

Marnie is such a manipulative, sly bitch. Ray is a lamb to the slaughter. Marnie and Desi deserve one another, and it wouldn't surprise me if they end up together eventually.

And did anyone else say out loud "Oh no ... oh no ..." when Elijah turned up off his face and only Hannah's dad was at home. I could see that going all kinds of wrong, but thankfully it didn't.
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And did anyone else say out loud "Oh no ... oh no ..." when Elijah turned up off his face and only Hannah's dad was at home.

I will admit I was worried!

I'm so pleased that the show seems like it's finally appreciating the wonderful Andrew Ranells and giving him something to do! I really liked his arc with Del.
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Hey you can hate Marnie without calling her a bitch.

I was also worried about Tad an Ellijah hooking up. Elijah is the best forever.
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I like Ray and Marnie together (even though I'll ship Ray & Shosh forever, and I don't care about that conflict). Ray and Marnie make a lot of sense; neither of them is better than this relationship. They deserve each other. Ray is not the wise enlightened older man that he thinks he is. Marnie is increasingly less terrible through the arc of the show: less oblivious, more accepting, less about domineering others and more about putting the work into herself. They both have planet-size egos. I think they're good for each other, even if they'll eventually crash and burn.
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I loved Hannah's Moth story, and I think this was the first time we've actually heard something she's written, a finished version of it anyway, and I liked finally getting that. We know that she is a good writer, as the show has made that clear many times, but it's hard to remember that when we're dealing with the reality of Hannah's messy life.
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We know that she is a good writer

Wasn't Hannah kind of laughed away from Ohio in part because her writing was a bit shit? Not necessarily because she was bad, but because she was trying so hard her work came off as totally trite and formulaic (which is why I'm guessing she was good at writing for that Vice-style publication). I think without the notes she was carrying, she was forced to actually say what she feels instead of trying to figure out what buttons to push.
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It was Iowa, the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and just the fact that she was admitted is evidence that she's a good writer because that is a serious program.
I rewatched those episodes recently, and Hannah's classmates' criticism of her writing was a thinly-veiled summary of the criticism that Lena Dunham receives: critics think she's writing about herself so it's not creative writing/fictional, and that it's too trite because of its content. (Hannah's main character is Anna, a young woman who needs to eat every two hours or she'll faint.) But we don't get to find out if her classmates are right or if they are underestimating her. Hannah leaves Iowa because she doesn't like academia, which is perfectly reasonable and does not mean she's not a good writer.

Further, Hannah held down a writing job at the magazine with all evidence that she was good at it, and she did lots of freelance with editors complimenting her work. She also had that book deal that failed- not because she didn't get offers, but because her editor died so the book wasn't put out, and then the publisher wouldn't release the rights even though Hannah had another interested publisher.

We know that she is a good writer. It's just easy to assume she isn't, in the same way that it's easy to assume that Hannah and Lena are the same person, or that Lena Dunham isn't responsible for this amazing series.
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Good point.
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And did anyone else say out loud "Oh no ... oh no ..." when Elijah turned up off his face and only Hannah's dad was at home.

Everyone in my household was screaming nooooooooooo and then I watched the season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it was just one noooooooooo after another.
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