Girls: All I Ever Wanted
February 13, 2017 11:04 AM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Hannah gets an assignment to write about a female surf camp in the Hamptons, where she meets an uncomplicated water-skiing instructor; Marnie tells Ray that he needs to spend more time at his own place.
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Paul-Louis was really sweet
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I thought this was a fabulous episode. Expectations kept being subverted, both the characters and mine.
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If you had told me watching the first season of Girls that by the final season I'd be bored with the show as a whole, but that I'd keep watching it just for Shoshanna's scenes, I would have never believed you. But she's the only redeemable character on the show now. Everyone else can be counted upon to do whatever thing is most awful, always, and that gets dull to watch.

(for reals though am I the only one who'd rather be watching a Shosh spinoff instead of Girls itself?)
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The makeup for Hannah's sunburn was so fantastic, I got uncomfortable watching Lena Dunham move around with it.
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I laughed so hard that I nearly lost consciousness when Ray came home to his stuff moved into the corner. "We organized it!"
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For me this was one of the funniest, if not THE funniest episode of the series. I should probably re-watch season 1 before saying that but I don't remember ever lol'ing so many times. And then Marnie's struggle with her jealousy over Shosh and Ray's camaraderie...I felt like I could see her trying to process why she has never had that easygoing rapport with a man, wondering why her and not me - or maybe I'm just super projecting!
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I totally agree that Shosh is the best character on the show- she's shown the most character development, is the most relatable, and has always been the show's true underdog. Also, she and Ray are meant for each other. They weren't ready for each other when they were dating, but they've both grown into the people they're meant to be and would make a truly beautiful couple now. Go team Shosh + Ray.*

Something that always annoyed me, but that I admit is true, is that it's a disappointment that the most interesting characters on a show called "Girls" are its male leads - Adam and Ray. (Maybe Elijah, but Elijah's character development didn't really pick up until last season). It's reassuring to see Shosh become the Girl - woman - you're inclined to root for. And I believe Lena Dunham has said that Shosh is the actual character who is most based on Lena in real life... which makes it less surprising that she's started to emerge as the heroine.

*sadly, sometimes I think the reason that I get annoyed with Marnie is because I can relate to her bad decision making and at-times rudderless existence.
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