Bob's Burgers: The Hormone-iums
April 18, 2016 8:27 PM - Season 6, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Tina gets a chance to be a soloist in a play but is concerned the role will ruin her social status; Linda thinks her promising business plan might make the Belcher family rich.
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Real thing.
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I was sad for Linda the minute she tried to make "wine shoe" a thing because I already knew it's a thing and the show doesn't take them out of reality that much.

Tina is my hero.
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More like school better get ready for me.
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Curry on my wayward bun
I'll be full when you are done
Lay your spicy head to rest
Don't ya fry no more!
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This was a great one. Tina is a hero, and Bob is also a hero for giving his daughter the awesome little "it's your mouth, you're the only one who gets to decide what to do or say with it" speech.
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I loved this episode. Two really great plotlines, and lots of laugh out loud moments. Especially the Fischoeder money fight.
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Why oh why is there no full cover of “Just What I Needed” on the Internet? That'd be a 99¢ instant-buy for me.
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just to add:

Store Next Door:

Pest Control Truck:

Burger of the Day:
Captain Pepper Jack Marrow Burger
Curry On My Wayward Bun Burger
Frisee it, Don’t Spray it Burger
We Bought a Zucchini Burger"
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