Bob's Burgers: Pro Tiki/Con Tiki
May 18, 2016 9:56 AM - Season 6, Episode 15 - Subscribe

When Bob's friend, Warren, comes to town, he makes an offer to invest in the restaurant. Bob is thrilled that it finally could get a much-needed makeover, until he learns that Warren has some strong interior design choices in mind. Meanwhile, Warren's visit means one of the kids must give up their bedroom

Store Next Door:

Pest Control Truck:

Burger of the Day:
All In A Glaze Work Burger (Served with Balsamic Glaze)
If At First You Seasame Seed, Thai, Thai, Again Burger
Turn the Other Leek Burger
Another Burger of the Day is visible when Bob and Warren are in the restaurant at night. It appears to read “Sprout o….. Kraut o….”
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Gene: I hereby declare this nook New Geneland! Our primary export is natural gas! And Fiats.

Warren: Man, this is a great burger. I mean, I was ready to like it... I had a fake compliment locked and loaded... but I really love it.
Bob: Thanks. What was the fake compliment you had?
Warren: "Man, this is a great burger!"
Bob: That's what you said.
Warren: Yeah, but I meant it.

Chris Parnell played Warren well.
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Seems like Parnell has learned a lot from H. Jon about how to make your voice totally different except not.
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