My Mad Fat Diary: Big Wide World
April 23, 2016 8:23 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, Rae Earl has to figure out how to navigate teenage social life, her mom's new relationship, and her own secrets.

This acclaimed BBC4 series arrived in the US this spring, streaming on Hulu. It's loosely based on an autobiographical book by the real-life Rae Earl, a radio host. The show is the compassionate, honest, sometimes funny, sometimes dark, sometimes cringeworthy story of a teenager in the 90s struggling with body image, turbulent friendships, sexuality, anxiety, OCD and the urge to self-harm. 16 episodes total, in 3 series: I really admire it, and welcome anyone to post about episodes they'd like to talk about.
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I watched this show as it aired and I can't recommend it highly enough -- easily some of the best television I've watched in the past five years.
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I've never even heard of this, but now I'm super excited to watch it!
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I saw it pop up on Hulu and decided to give it a chance. I'm really glad I did. I found it a very honest and frank depiction of the struggles of adolescence, especially when you mix in anxiety, depression, etc. And yet, it was funny and warm. It really brought back a lot of feeling from my own teenage years, and gave me better perspective, as well. A terrific show - I highly recommend it - and I hope people talk about it here!
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I fucking love this show. Its been a while since I watched season 1. But I resonated with her character so badly. (Except the hilarious and understandable boy-feels, at her age I was an ace lesbian). I don't want to say too much too early for those of you who haven't seen it, but I hope this continues being a thread on fanfare.
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I recently finished this and am so glad someone started a thread! I have been telling everyone I know about MMFD. I actually heard of it a couple years ago from someone posting gifs on Tumblr, but I could never find it to watch. I hope it gets the audience it deserves.
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